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Email Templates for Any Startup Occasion

When you build a startup with a free trial, you need a solid sequence of elaborate emails that engage users to try your product, make a good first impression, and encourage them to start paying for a subscription. Blink consists of 9 pre-made email templates that cover the needs of your startup and enable you to engage with customers like the big brands do.

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Pre-built in HTML

Blink is based on well-coded html so any junior web developer can easily customize it and insert your content.

Integrates with Popular Email Platforms

It can be used with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, HubSpot, Shopify, WordPress, and any platform that supports custom email templates.


Thoughtfully designed from head to toe to make your emails get opened, read, and clicked. Tested on iPhones, Androids, and even in your granny’s Outlook to make sure it looks perfect on any device with no surprises.

Suits Your Brand

Built on the research of 800+ successful email campaigns sent by world-leading startups during the last years. So you don't need to invent the wheel. Use email template designs that already work for big brands and customize them to your startup needs.

Your startup needs emails. Building email templates is hard work without Blink.

Email Templates In The Package

  • Best Blog Posts. Start a conversation with a new subscriber by sending a digest of your most popular posts.
  • Welcome Email. Informative, clear and action-oriented, welcome emails get the highest engagement rates of any type of email. The perfect chance to engage new subscribers and convince them to take action. Brilliantly engineered to highlight the best of your product!
  • Welcome + Product Features. Make a good first impression by showing the best features of your product with gorgeous images, texts and cta buttons.
  • Welcome + Actionable Steps. What steps do registered users need to take to eventually become loyal customers? Share these steps and show how your product can be used.
  • Start the Trial. Congrats, you have a potential customer! Now let them add a payment method to make the transaction easier when the time comes. At the end of the email, a list of benefits will convince users to take action.
  • Start Trial + Product Features. Highly focused template that encourages users to start a free trial by emphasizing all potential benefits.
  • Trial Started Notification. A simple email notifying that the trial has started and indicates the date of the first payment.
  • Visit Webinar. Webinars are an effective way to demo your product and emphasize value to customers. Simple “Yes” and “No” buttons will give you an idea about user interest.
  • Trial Ended. Notify users that their trial has ended.  Provide them with a clear CTA to continue using your service by adding payment information.

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