39 Best Instagram Mockups to Boost Your Marketing

Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram has 500 million daily active users. Besides, 70% of the users follow at least one brand. What should that tell you? Instagram is becoming a robust social media marketing tool to leverage for business growth.

Do you have a presence on Instagram? If not, it’s time to move in and get followers, brand recognition, and sales. For a brand with a presence already, you need a perfect look and reputation on your business Instagram profile. To create compelling, attractive, and well-branded images and posts tailored to solve follower’s needs, you need an Instagram mockup.

It will not only save you the time of having to design each image and post but will also help in Instagram business success. Here’s a list of the best Instagram mockups to help you succeed on Instagram marketing.

Storygram Instagram Template

Easy to use Instagram templates

Do you own a clothing brand, or are you a fashion blogger? This Instagram mockup enables you to impress followers with stunning images and boost sales as a result. The whole pack has 72 templates for your varied business needs. It enables you to increase brand reach and announce new products in style.

A professional look on Instagram attracts followers. Thus, once you begin using Storygram for your Instagram marketing activities, you will notice an increase in the number of followers. To customize the template, you can do so in a few clicks after learning a few Photoshop or Sketch tricks.

Besides the 72 templates in the pack, there are also free fonts and images to use. The layout has a modern look and tailored to meet current Instagram business needs. If you want to boost the number of followers, reach a wider audience, get leads, and sales for your business, Storygram is worth a try.

Instagram Stories Bundle

Instagram stories bundle
Instagram Stories Bundle

Your business needs enthralling Instagram stories for your Instagram marketing activities. This mockup helps you to do that. It enables you to upload compelling, well-branded Instagram stories and save time.

Since the developers knew you could want to get started as soon as you download the template, the mockup comes with 700 high-resolution Instagram stories to kickstart your Instagram marketing. The bundle is compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Hence, you can fully customize it any way you want.

The Instagram mock up adds an air of professionalism and style to your Instagram profile, boosting brand reach, leads, and sales. To take Instagram marketing a notch higher, try this template.

Bold Instagram Stories Animated

Bold Instagram animated stories
Bold Instagram Stories Animated

The template offers a great way to promote your brand. The whole pack has 30 animated templates designs to take your Instagram marketing to the next level. You see, animated posts are much more attractive and compelling than plain images or texts. So, if you have an e-commerce site, a blog, or a fashion store, utilize these templates to boost sales conversions.

With this Instagram mockup, you will be able to create stunning Instagram stories that create engagements and boost brand reach. The pack has a Swiss Design and C-layout font to add to the remarkable nature of the posts. You can edit the text, the colors, and more items once you have the necessary Adobe Photoshop skills.

You can also follow a PDF tutorial that’s available once you download the template.

Modern Instagram Post

Modern Instagram mockups
Modern Instagram Post

If you want clean and elegant posts for your Instagram marketing activities, try this modern Instagram mockup. It comes with 20 templates to cater for most of your business needs. Are you a travel blogger, upload professional travel Instagram stories with the help of this template, and see an increase in followers.

All templates measure 300 DPI 1080 x 1080 pixels and easily customizable once you learn a few Adobe Photoshop tricks. You can change the color background or font to suit your business branding aspects. The fonts are free to download.

Modern Instagram post mockup works well with portrait artists, bloggers, fashions, and e-commerce stores that want to leverage Instagram for leads, and sales.

Royal Instagram Bundle

Instagram mockup templates
Royal Instagram Bundle

The template is simple, clean, and designed with the success of your Instagram marketing in mind. Instead of hiring a web developer to develop an Instagram template, you can download this and install it with a click.

If you feel the Installation process is a daunting task, the template has a video tutorial to explain that. Once you understand Photoshop basics, the process of editing and uploading high-quality images to your Instagram account becomes an easy-peasy task.

Gross: Instagram Post Template Collection

Gross, an Instagram template

This template can help you to create well-branded high-quality content that’s tailored towards solving the challenges your audience faces. To boost your Instagram presence, increase followers, and make a kill in sales, you need a unique and compelling profile. The template helps you do just that.

First, the pack comes with 12 clean and modern, high-quality templates for your Instagram account. You will have to try each one of them to see which one fits your business. To ensure you customize the template with ease, it’s compatible with Sketch App or Photoshop such that you can drag and drop images.

Legend: 12 Instagram Stories Templates

Instagram stories

Legend is an easy to install Instagram story mockup that aims to brand your business for success on Instagram. It enables you to increase the number of followers, likes, and comments on your posts since using the template makes the posts well branded and unique.

The pack comes with 12 well designed and modern Instagram mockups to ensure you can choose different templates for different businesses. Using the template enhances a consistent look, style, and voice across your Instagram posts. This aspect is essential in Instagram marketing.

Air: 12 Instagram Stories Template

Instagram story templates

This template is ideal for bloggers Instagram influencers, brands, and social media marketers who want to make it big on Instagram. The pack has 12 high-quality collections of templates to ensure you have a wide range of choices.

The templates help you to create cohesive Instagram stories that go in tandem with your audience and help you to increase the number of followers. To customize the elements, however, you need to understand the necessary Photoshop skills. Once you start using this template, you will be able to create unique posts that amass lots of likes and comments.

Napali: 12 Instagram Stories Template

Instagram stories

Make your brand and influencer posts stand out from 500 million active Instagram users by using this template. It offers a great way to connect better with your followers by enhancing the visuals and the compelling nature of the posts.

The whole bundle has 12 Gorgeous Instagram templates, which are easy to customize and set up within a few minutes. Save the time of having to look for a web designer to design a template for you. You can even use the tutorial that comes with the pack if you feel installation, and using the templates is rather a daunting task.

Instagram Stories Pack

Instagram mockup templates
Instagram Stories Pack

The templates come with 10 clean and beautiful design variations that meet modern business needs. They help when you are launching Instagram marketing campaigns and want them to have a high conversion rate.

The templates are organized and in detailed layers to ensure you can customize them with ease using Photoshop. It also comes with free fonts and measures 72 DPI 1080 x 1920 pixel to ensure your posts and images fit correctly in all devices. The template has been developed to take your Instagram marketing to the next level.


Vorma, an Instagram mockup template

You will love the aesthetic layout of this template precisely optimized for success on Instagram marketing. The template enhances the muted and warm color pelleted, which works well with influencers, photographers, designers, and bloggers.

The pack comes with over 100 shapes and elements to kickstart your email marketing campaigns. In addition, it’s clean and organized in layers, as well as enhancing a grid-based layout to allow easy customization. It comes with free fonts on downloading.


Senorita, an Instagram mockup template

To make your Instagram profile elegant and luxurious, use this Instagram profile template. It has been developed with 2019 Instagram business trends in mind. The pack has 20 PSD squired files measuring 1080×1080 to fit your Instagram posts perfectly. If you need to use CANVA, the pack comes with 40 PNG files.

To kickstart your Instagram marketing campaigns, the templates come with a link to download free fonts. It’s also easy to customize the templates to make them stunning and well branded. You only double click the image and replace it.

Animated Modern Instagram Stories

Instagram mockups
Animated Modern Instagram Stories

The pack comes with 30 editable Photoshop files and over 100 hand-drawn elements to kickstart your Instagram marketing activities, including upgrading your Instagram stories. The Instagram mockups are modern and enhance a creative design to cater to varied business needs.

The templates are organized and in fully-layered files to ensure customizing the templates is an easy task. Besides, the templates are compatible with Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. The fonts and images are not included, but you can easily download the fonts from Google fonts.

New York Instagram Stories

Instagram stories
New York Instagram Stories

New York Instagram stories is a fantastic template. It ensures your Instagram stories are above the fold and professional. To kickstart your Instagram activity, the pack has 20 easily editable Instagram stories and include a link to download free fonts.

The template has well-organized layers to make editing and customizing super easy. You can place the image correctly and fits your Instagram profile perfectly since the templates support documents of an aspect ratio of 9:16. Smart objects help in image placement, as well.

Instagram Highlights Icon Kit

Instagram highlight covers
Instagram Highlights Icon Kit

This high-resolution cover icon kit photographers who want to make a kill on Instagram, interior designers, bloggers, and creative entrepreneurs who want to show their creativity to the world. The pack comes with 83 ready to use cover images each measuring 1200px x 1200px PNGs @ 72ppi.

In case you feel stuck with the installation and using the templates, there is always a kit to help you through. As a blogger, wanting to beat the competitors and make it big in your debut, you should give this Instagram feed mockup a try.

Instagram Puzzle Template

Instagram mockup templates
Instagram Puzzle Template

Instagram Puzzle makes your Instagram profile unique and professional. It brands your business for success on Instagram marketing. To achieve that fate, this Instagram mockup has a stylish and highly responsive design.

The elements in the template are all separate and organized in layers; it makes it easy to customize images and Instagram posts using Adobe Photoshop. Different from the others, which comes as a pack, this is only one template. All photos are free, as well as the fonts. It’s worth a try.

Instagram Template Mode Minimal

Instagram mockups
Instagram Template Mode Minimal

Developers designed this template to increase your brand reach, boost the number of followers, get leads as well as make a kill in sales. It ensures you triumph in your Instagram marketing activities by making your profile unique and stunning.

The bundle has 20 Instagram templates and 20 image preview, each having a resolution of 1080×1080 px. You can also download the fonts, which are of high quality and enable you to craft professional posts. Different from the rest, this template enhances a drag-and-drop feature for your images; hence, you don’t waste time. Give it a try.

Animated Instagram Stories Bundle

Animated Instagram Mockups
Animated Instagram Stories Bundle

To ensure your Instagram marketing is a success, the bundle comes with 145 animated Instagram stories. Animated stories perform better than mere photos because people like video content; It has higher levels of engagement than a mere photo. In addition, the bundle has 400 hand-drawn elements, 20 hand-drawn patterns plus 3 foil backgrounds to ensure your profile is stunning.

As an influencer, photographer, or a blogger, you need a template that’s easy to customize and tailor your posts to your followers. The template employs a modern and creative design for that task. It also has organized and fully-layered files. It doesn’t contain free fonts or images, but you can easily download them.

Instagram Bundle

Instagram mockups
Instagram Bundle

The Instagram bundle has been designed with the success of your Instagram business in mind. The pack has 140 unique designs and animations. The animated photo carousels add to the stunning nature of your Instagram posts and make them more professionals and compelling.

You can customize the template, change the animated text layout, edit the fonts (the pack comes with free fonts), and change the background images. In case you get stuck when installing or using the template, you can always check the help file. The pixels are perfect for Instagram stories.

Moodboard Instagram Stories

Instagram mockup templates

Are you a blogger, influencer, or own a brand and want to make it big on Instagram, you can use this Instagram mockup. The template has been developed to be easily customizable, with a high resolution to ensure your posts and visuals are stunning.

The bundle has 20 Instagram stories, which you can edit, and 20 posts to kickstart your Instagram marketing journey. The smart objects in the templates make it easy to place images and edit them to fit your business needs. You can download free fonts and images, as well.

#Instagold Minimal Instagram Stories

Instagram mockups

This clean, modern, and creatively designed template comes with a unique gold foil as well as 20 fully-editable Instagram stories. In addition, it comes with more than 100 hand-drawn elements to enhance the creative nature of your Instagram posts.

It’s easy peasy to change the images, fonts, and colors because of the files and organized in layers. However, you need to have basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge. You can download the fonts and the links via the links provided when you download the bundle.

Instagram Puzzle Template InstantPic

Instagram mockup templates
Instagram Puzzle

The template offers you a great way to connect with fans stylishly. It enhances visuals to make your Instagram profile compelling and professional. Once you begin using a template to manage your Instagram marketing activities, you will realize how it saves time and makes your posts well branded and tailored to your audience.

All the elements of this modern and stylish Instagram mockup are in separate layers to make it easy to customize. There are free fonts as well, which you can download using the links provided. You can use the template several times because of the end and the beginning match.

Ripped Papers Instagram Template

Instagram mockup template
Ripped Papers

You will like how it’s easy to customize these templates. 20 fully customizable templates are fully layered and Instagram ready. Since your followers sometimes use more than one device on Instagram, the files are of high resolution with outstanding graphics.

If you understand the basics of Adobe Photoshop CS5 or more, you can easily customize these Instagram mockups to have the feel, the look, and the design of your brand. The files are fully layered for easy customizability. The pack comes with free fonts, as well.

30 Masks for Instagram

Instagram masks
30 Masks for Instagram

Just like the name, the pack comes with 30 masks for Instagram. The main aim is to make your Instagram profile as professional as possible. The masks have a high resolution of up to 300 dpi to ensure the image quality is not reduced whenever you post it.

You can customize the Instagram PSD mockup with Adobe Photoshop CS3 or higher since they are based on smart objects. The pack also has 30 transparent PNG files measuring 3000×3000 px. If you’re looking for an Instagram template that can take your Instagram activities a notch higher, this Instagram mockup is worth a try.

Animated Stylish Instagram Story

Stylish Instagram mockups
Animated Stylish Instagram Story

The pack comes with 32 unique Instagram mockups that are unique, modern, and animated trendy designs. Using the template will ensure you reach a wider audience, boost the number of fans, leads, and sales.

Since you have your brand colors, you can enhance them using this template. You can alter the images, colors, and fonts since the templates are easy to customize. The design allows preview video files before you download the templates. You can download free fonts, as well. To see if it’s your best bet, give it a try.

Animated Instagram Stories Pack

Animated Instagram stories
Animated Instagram Stories Pack

The templates allow you to share announcements, offers, and blog releases to your fans in the best way possible. The Instagram mockup is perfect for influencers, bloggers, and fashion stores that want to make it big on Instagram.

Your fans will like the animated nature of your posts. The pack has animated mood boards, favorite products, and Polaroid content already covered. You can edit these content into what you like since the layers are neatly organized. You can always check the help document and the instructions file in case you incur any difficulty installing the template.

The Lifestyler Instagram Pack

Lifestyler, an Instagram mockup template
The Lifestyler Social Media Pack

The template helps you to maintain a consistent and well-branded presence on Instagram by enhancing visual such as stunning images, fonts, and well-designed Instagram stories. To make the template easy to edit, it enhances the use of smart objects.

The files are of high resolution and appear professional in all devices. So, it doesn’t matter which device your followers are using; the quality will not fade. Besides, all the images are designed to work correctly on Instagram. You can download free fonts in a txt help file.

Trendy Animated Instagram Stories

Animated Instagram stories

This mockup enhances the stunning nature of your Instagram stories by making them more stylish, trendy, and animated. The professionalism that comes with it enables you to promote your services or products easily.

The Instagram mockup pack has 25 Adobe Photoshop files and 25 Unique designs to give you a wide range of choices. It also comes with free fonts and elements on PSD files. To customize the templates is easy since the files are organized in layers. Hence, you can change the images and the text quickly.

Jacknjill Instagram Pack

Instagram mockup templates

Developers created this Instagram mockup for fashion stores that want to make it big on their summer/spring collection. The template adds an air of professionalism to your Instagram profile and boosts your reach, acquire leads, and sales.  

The pack comes with 20 squared PSD files optimized to make it big on Instagram. Customization is made easy because of the smart layers and a retina display ready. The Instagram mockup also has a printing or web banner option. It’s worth a try

Vesuvio Instagram Stories

Vesuvio, an Instagram mockup template

This Instagram mockup ensures your Instagram followers don’t have to see the same kind of Instagram stories continuously. To do this, the template comes with 20 PSD templates that are well optimized for compelling Instagram stories.

It’s easy to upload the images to your Instagram account. It will only take a few clicks to replace the images and the texts in the template and hit the post button. You can also download the fonts to ensure you have the right choice of fonts to use. In case you want to preview the template before downloading them, the pack has JPG samples for that.

#InstaLove Instagram Posts and Stories

Instagram mockup templates

This Instagram mockup is easy to use and fully editable to suit your Instagram marketing needs. It comes with 40 clean and modern Instagram templates. So, you can experiment with several to see which one deems to fit your business needs. It also comes with 20 posts and 20 stories to kickstart your Instagram marketing activity.

The pack has with it over 100 hand-drawn elements and to add to the visual attractiveness of your Instagram profile. Once you download the templates, there are instructions on how to use it in a PDF document.

Mini Bundle Animated Instagram Pack

Instagram mockup template
Mini Bundle Animated Instagram Pack

To alleviate the look of your Instagram profile, the template comes with 30 Instagram stories that you can edit and customize to go in tandem with your brand tone, style, and voice. It also comes with 60 video examples of more than 100 hand-drawn elements delivered in PNG and PDF formats.

It employs a modern and creative design to meet current business Instagram marketing activities. Also, the files are organized in layers to make it easy to edit the templates and add your content. You can download the images and fonts on Google and Unsplash.

InstaElements Instagram Stories Kit

Instagram elements stories on your phone

If you are a blogger influencer or photographer and want a compelling Instagram profile with captivating Instagram stories, this template is a must-try. The pack has 60 templates for your Instagram story to give you a wide range of choices when selecting. In addition, it also comes with 65 hand-drawn elements and 20 hand-drawn patterns. All are Photoshop files.

The Instagram stories kit is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 to ensure you can easily edit the elements with the help of smart objects. The files are organized in layers to make customization easy. The pack doesn’t include images or fonts, but you can always download them for free on Google and Unsplash.

FN Animated Instagram Stories Pack

Animated Instagram Stories Pack

The template has been designed to make your Instagram profile a professional one since it enhances animation to arrest the attention of your followers, get a large following, boost leads and sales. It also allows you to create static posts.

The pack comes with 22 Instagram post mockups to ensure you experiment with all the templates before you choose the best. You can customize the template as you want since the smart objects and the organized, smart layers make it an easy peasy task. There is a tutorial to get you started.

The Entrepreneur Instagram Pack

Entrepreneur Instagram mockups
The Entrepreneur

You can easily edit the Entrepreneur pack since you can add images by simply double-clicking with the help of smart objects. You can also alter the color to match the look, the voice, and the style of your business. If you feel you aren’t getting it all, you can always refer to the instructions in a PDF file.

All the images have been designed to do well on Instagram since they are all pre-sized and measure 1200 x 1200 px. The template is designed with a high resolution to ensure images don’t lose their quality. You can download the font via the links provided in a txt file. This Instagram mockup is worth a try.

Karlie Instagram Puzzle and Highlights

Karlie, an Instagram puzzle mockup template

Do you like to post mind-provoking thoughts on Instagram? This template will help to enhance the stunning nature of your posts by adding visuals. The pack comes with highlight icon covers to add to the compelling nature. Besides, the pack also comes with 12 Instagram posts to kickstart your Instagram marketing activity.

The template enhances the individual Instagram post size because it measures 1080px x 1080px. You can edit the templates since it enhances the use of smart objects and has files placed in layers and clearly labeled. There are no photos or mockups though on this pack.

Animated Instagram Stories Pack No. 1

Animated Instagram Mockups
Animated Instagram Stories

This Instagram mockup has been designed to alleviate your Instagram presence to a professional one. It comes with 6 unique Instagram stories to kickstart your Instagram marketing activity. It’s generally used by bloggers to announce new blogs, new concerts, fashion showcase, and if it’s a fashion blogger, it can be fashion arrival.

You don’t need plugins to get this started. In case you feel the installation and usage is quite complicated, you can always follow a video tutorial on a file. The template allows for high-resolution animated stories that attract a considerable following. Each scene in the template is 10 seconds. That is the perfect length for an Instagram video.

Wave – Instagram Template Stories

Wave, an Instagram mockup template

The whole pack has 40 fully editable Instagram mockups having modern and creative designs. Using them will enable you to attract more fans, become an authority figure, and boost conversions since people want unique and valuable content.

If you’re a blogger, a fashion brand, or an artist, this is ideal for you. Don’t worry about customizing it to match the needs of your fans. Once you understand Photoshop basics (you can learn this fast), you are good to go. It also enhances a strong topography to add to the compelling nature of your posts.


To make it big on Instagram, you need a compelling and professional profile. You can do it by branding and designing all the images at a go, but you can save time by using an Instagram mockup. Above are some of the best to select.