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In addition to a myriad of digital marketing strategies, such as Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing remains one of the most effective, efficient, and responsive communication methods today.

Despite being one of the oldest communication channels on the digital marketing block, there are approximately 93% of B2B digital marketers who rely on email marketing for reaching out and communicating with their prospective customers.

Take a look at popular HTML email templates by continuing to read this post.

Email Templates for Acquiring Subscribers

You want your leads to open your emails so that they can take a look at your magnificent artillery of products on display. But, just like those spam emails, your emails can also found a spot (in Trash), if they fail to elicit a response from your leads.

Your leads don’t want to read regular, textbook content with boring and unresponsive images as soon as they open your brand’s emails. While it may take a couple of seconds to open and observe the contents of your email, none of the leads in your emailing list will take another glance at it if it’s primitive, submissive, and well, boring.

You need to spark things up – and by this, we mean to simply upgrade the creativity pooling in your marketing campaign. For startups and small companies, unfortunately, it is quite hard to hire a proficient web developer along with a graphic designer when business is already on the rocks.

With a myriad of free and paid HTML email templates scattered all over the internet, the solution to acquiring responses via emails is right under your nose.

HTML Email Templates

With a code responsible for defining the structure, layout, and text of an HTML email template, reusing the file for building back-to-back email campaigns is not only remarkably easy but actionable too. HTML email templates can help you build your email marketing campaigns with far greater proficiency and impressive designs worthy of obtaining clicks and views.

After a thorough search of the internet, we used our expert (not at all biased) scent to identify, analyze, and scour 32 of our favorite HTML email templates below.


blink email templates

Pricing: $39 each

Bundle Packages: $149 each (Spanning from 8 to 9 templates per package)

With an aim to bring your leads back in a blink of an eye, Blink offers a versatile library of sleek, minimalistic, and contemporary HTML email templates that are ready-to-use.

From creating responsive newsletter email templates to carefully engineering designs necessary for scouring clients via transactional, payment, and product trial announcements, Blink aims to take care of all of your eCommerce worries in just a few minutes.

Each newsletter email template lives up to its mark and offers enough space for placing your CTA buttons and other sender details upon customization. Whether you want to enlist product recommendations or simply welcome your existing leads towards your brand, Blink can help you customize its variety of newsletter email templates with the utmost professionalism.


bojler email template

Pricing: Once you click download, a zip file containing the set-up will download on your device completely free of cost. You can read the documentation guide here to learn how to get started with Bojler.

Bojler, a precise email framework, aims to provide you with boilerplate HTML email design templates that are complete with modern technology such as an in-built SASS compiler, a modern grid system, and a CSS automation in-liner with the reassurance that you don’t need a 3rd party application for coding your emails repeatedly.

All you need to do is follow its basic instructions while downloading Bojler on your workstation so that you can configure its web development settings and install it for customizing professional email templates.

Bojler might appear slightly complicated for an average layman with little know-how of web development software such as CSS or HTML. Nevertheless, Bojler has explained the structure of its modules with the help of codes so that you can understand what you’re getting into and what to expect from the software.


litmus email templates

Pricing: Free 7-day trial with packages ranging from $99 to $199 per month for small businesses. There are customary options for enterprises with the number and type of features you choose.

Litmus has a huge library of HTML email templates inclusive of a variety of Product Launch, Ecommerce, Marketing and Account Management templates for creating and customizing email campaigns relevant to your brand requirements and user experience.

Litmus’s Ecommerce section alone comprises of 10 HTML email templates, all of which are designed to target a buyer’s user experience at a store.

For instance, Litmus comprises of three design templates for designing an ‘abandoned cart’ email campaign, all of which pay specific attention to the products added in your potential customer’s cart.

Moreover, these templates also include buttons for you to add customer reviews, similar product options, and new bargains in your email design template so that you can entice your lead into coming back to your store for shopping.

HTML Email

html email templates
HTML Email

Pricing: Price varies from $49 – $299 for startups and small businesses as per the complexity of the projects. Customary options are also available for enterprises.

HTML Email provides an assortment of 10 available HTML email templates for customizing newsletters, an announcement in plain text, or product recommendations and testimonials for enticing leads to your brand and website. You can customize these boilerplate email templates designs for personalizing transactional and lifestyle emails.

HTML Email’s Templates work with a wide range of email service providers such as MailChimp, and major email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, Samsung Live Mail, etc.

The entire stack of HTML Email templates is available for $49 and comprises upon designs that are compatible with desktop as well as mobile users. For mobile users, the templates are divided into a grid of 3 – 6 columns so that users can browse through your products with ease.


mailto email templates

Pricing: $89 – $249 based on the number of projects

Mailto’s email templates are far beyond amazing. As a personal favorite, Mailto has also taken over some of Mailchimp’s primary clients with its impressive layouts and design.

While Mailto works wonders for Ecommerce, there are other email templates that can help you conquer a variety of business proposals. There are 17 email templates in total, all of which are pre-designed to host your content, imagery, and CTA buttons in one place.

Mailto’s email templates are integrated with the top email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, SendGrid, and Campaign Monitor, to name a few. It will help to create a remarkable email campaign for your brand.

Shop Email Template

shop email template

Pricing – $16 – $64

Shop Email template comprises ultra-responsive and highly specific modules with features that were created by keeping the needs of the fashion industry in mind. With a drag-and-drop panel available for adding images on desktop and mobile devices, Shop Email template allows you to further customize your content by changing colors or editing text accordingly.

Shop Email template is not only compatible across HTML service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Outlook, but also across MailChimp, StampReady, and Photoshop. It’s quite easy and efficient to find a template that focuses primarily on a shopper’s needs.

Real Estate Email Template

real estate email template
Real Estate

Pricing: $16 – $64

HyperPixStudio has taken the responsibility of introducing unique HTML email templates into an industry that’s flooded with impeccable designers, coders, and web developers. As a marketer and business entrepreneur, it is better to go for an HTML email template that serves your niche and does justice to your purpose.

Similarly, for real estate vendors, the Real Estate Email template by HyperPixStudio might come in handy, primarily due to its convenience in design, layout, and other elements.

Real estate agents can choose and customize any module present in the template as per their requirements, even if it means including a lot of relevant text for enticing a lead towards a prospective sale.

Digital Agency Email Template

digital agency email template
Digital Agency

You want to rank as one of the top 50 (or 1000, at least) digital marketing companies in the world, don’t you? Digital marketing companies pool in a revenue of $1 billion per year for their exhaustive clientele, and these numbers aren’t stopping anywhere. but also because there is a lot of growth potential in the industry.

Try out the Digital Agency Email template by HyperPix Studio and make use of the modules present in the file downloaded after you make a successful purchase. The template comprises of features that are specific for marketing a digital agency via email campaigns.

While its primary design was holistically designed to solicit leads for music companies, the template has proved its worth amongst different digital agencies and gained prominence eventually.

Gmail Email Templates

gmail email templates
Gmail Email Templates

As a Gmail user, I believe in having tools on my webmail browser which allow me to edit and design my emails easily and more proactively customization software. Similarly, accessing Gmail Email templates as a group of tools on my tabs saves the time of writing the same response over and over again.

Gmail Email templates serve as a group of responses that can be used repeatedly for communicating with your leads. Simply go to your Settings on Gmail, and enable the Canned Response feature or insert an external HTML email template software into your webmail browser to access readymade modules instantly.

These free email templates are ideal for brands dealing in eCommerce, marketing, or other entrepreneurial needs. Moreover, you can either save your customized templates on Google Drive or export them to Excel or Google Sheets for further safekeeping.


gmelius email templates

Pricing: Free to $19 a month

Gmelius is a Swiss software that offers free to paid HTML templates for Gmail users. Gmelius is perhaps your personal Gmail advisor, or in other terms, the personal assistant you needed since forever.

It helps you categorize your emailing list and send customized templates to a category that corresponds to your theme, nature, and content.  By assessing your leads and their importance, you can send highly specific and targeted emails to your target buyers.

Gmelius offers sharing and collaboration options and comes with extensive security against email trackers and spam.

Bee Templates

bee templates
Bee Templates

Bee Templates is another add-on that’s designed primarily for Gmail users to enhance their creativity and outlook on their personal branding, including that of business. With tons of pixel-perfect templates to choose from, you can now create and design your CV with better layouts and aesthetics for impressing your future potential employers.


matah email template

Pricing: Basic plan is marked at $24. You can also purchase packages with more features for slightly more pricing.

If you like to beautify your email marketing templates on the go, Matah can offer you the portability you need. Its fully-responsive mobile version comprises flexible table structures, commented HTML and other useful features that can be executed by using six premade designs.

Since creating a template from scratch is not feasible, you can switch to using the six attractive premade email designs available for launching your email marketing campaign immediately. You may also like to try out the unique all-in-one-template features which allow you to mix and match elements from different templates present in the Matah set.


kant email template

Pricing: Regular license starts from $24. You can also purchase the extended version for $549.

Finding an all-in-one email design can be hard at times, especially when you are in a hurry. Kant is specially designed to cater to the growing needs of big and small enterprises. Integrated with MailChimp, Mailster, and Shopify compatibility, this online builder features over 50 email categories.

You can quickly design any professional email template by using the 50+ premade sections and getting help from 12 comprehensive demos. It is compatible with 30+ email clients and offers your emails an elegant look. Background image load is supported by Outlook and Windows Mail.


notify email template

Pricing: Partial authority license will cost you around $16. You can purchase the extended authority license for $700.

Multipurpose email designing tools come in handy when your enterprise has a lot to tend to in a short span of time. Notify is an online builder compatible with over 30 different notification email templates, HTML, MailChimp, and other related platforms.

If quirkiness is what you seek, this professional email template builder will not disappoint you. You will be getting premade templates along with PSD files.

Moreover, the Illustrator supports icon and smart object customizations. With its color customization compatibility, Notify is a great tool to add appeal to your email.


miley email templates

Pricing: The price for a regular license is marked at $16. The extended license can be purchased for $600

Top email-marketers know about the role of responsive email templates HTML for turning leads into recurring customers. Miley is one of the most-trusted minimal email HTML templates builders because of multiple reasons.

Integrated with an online builder, Miley lets you create well-documented, layered PSD files that are as responsive as they are appealing. You can easily create a wide range of emails using 30+ single column layout options.

The tool is tested for email clients’ compatibility and features a hassle-free inline CSS code. You have the option to choose from different colors. Use the tag-free HTML language to create email HTML templates in a matter of minutes.


scorpio email template

Pricing: Scorpio is slightly more expensive from the rest of the email template design tools added in this article. The basic license starts from $20. The extended license is marked at a price of $1000.

If uniqueness is your priority in creating business emails, Scorpio is going to help you out in many cases. Apart from letting you create a stunning HTML email template, Scorpio also allows file export from Campaign Monitor and MailChimp so you can easily track the progress of your marketing campaign.

The tool features a responsive email template builder comprising 20 different modules. You can easily render these modules, pick a color and related variations to fit the theme of your email. It also allows you to edit the template after it is saved.


chamaileon email template

Pricing: Free for lifetime users with a monthly limit of 5 exports and ten text emails. The paid version starts from $20 and goes up to a variable amount depending upon your enterprise’s needs.

Quick designs, team collaborations, and top-notch compatibility are everything worth trying in Chamaileon. Suggestions and team insights always come in handy for marketers who are working with a goal to impress the clients in every aspect.

Luckily, you can collaborate with your team members and work on suggestions to improve the email HTML templates design. The builder contains more than 1000+ template blocks which you can use to customize more than 100 different email templates HTML for your marketing campaign.


stripo email template

Pricing: Three packages are available; Free, Pro, and Plugin. Pro will cost you around $7 whereas, the Plugin version is marked at a price of $20 per month.

Stripo has won the hearts of many. With its complete stack of over 300 unique free HTML email templates, the tool is leading the online world of email design templates. One of the unique things about this professional email template builder is that it is export compatible with over 30 different email clients and platforms.

Once you have made any customization on the template of your choice, it stays safe forever for future use. You may want to try it out for its regularly updated range of design templates which are good enough to help you design an email template within 10 minutes!


topol email template

Pricing: The free HTML email template builder can be customized according to the level of your needs. Professionals can buy it at a reasonable price of $7 per month. For enterprises, the price starts from $20 per month.

Indeed the convenience of online HTML email template builders has eliminated a lot of clutter for online marketers. As a small business owner or an individual marketer, you aspire to stay ahead of your competition by generating as many leads as possible. Topol helps you save a lot of time as you can operate it with little to no knowledge of coding or graphic designing.

Our most favorite feature about this online email template builder is its easy Drag and Drop editor. All you need is to pick elements of your choice and drop them in the editor for further adjustments. Topol is hassle-free, easy, time-efficient, and well, aesthetically pleasing email builder.

React Email Editor

react email editor
React Email Editor

Pricing: Free package is available for beginners. For professionals and team users, pricing ranges from $7 to $9 per month. You can also purchase it on a custom prize exclusively quoted for your enterprise.

React is perhaps one of the most hassle-free email builders found in the market. It features a complete stack of editing and designing tools for users to quickly integrate selected elements in a unique layout.

You can drag and drop elements like icons, columns, buttons, dividers, forms, font styles, HTML code, color, and images. Text alignment is much simpler by using React.

Email Monster

email monster template
Email Monster

Pricing: Free for users. All you need to do is create an account.

For unlimited access to uniquely themed email designs for template building, this email builder can offer you a lot to explore. Whether you want to run seasonal marketing campaigns or target users in a specific time frame, this email builder will offer hassle-free template building.


mailoptin email template

Pricing: Basic plan starts from $69 and goes as high as $269 for the agency plan.

MailOptin is nothing less than a sigh of relief who love multitasking. This email builder can not only automate email and newsletter dispatching but also inform you to trigger on and off email campaigns for getting more sales. The pricing may be a bit high but it is certainly worth every penny.

Campaign Monitor Email Templates

campaign monitor email template
Campaign Monitor Templates

Pricing: Campaign Monitor’s basic plan starts from $9 and the pricing for Premier one goes as high as $149.

Campaign Monitor not only helps you build your email template but also in adding responsiveness to the designs. You can create mobile-ready email templates within a matter of minutes by using this tool.

YITH Email Templates

yith email template

Pricing: Free email templates design for Shopify eCommerce store owners.

Customizing email template HTML is one thing, but managing email template design is a big challenge. YITH email templates is a suitable tool for Shopify store owners who like to do everything on their own.

One of our favorite features about this HTML email template builder is that it lets you add logos and custom links in a pre-designed or newly made template. This is something that is not as common in the rest of the email template builders. You can choose from four different, highly responsive, and appealing layouts.

WooCommerce Email Templates

woocommerce email template
WooCommerce Email Templates

Pricing: Regular license can be purchased for only $35.

WooCommerce Email Templates is known for its multifaceted compatibility with different sets of customization functions. You can create a uniquely themed email for your store by customizing all the elements ranging from texts and colors to fonts and images.


wp html mail email template

Pricing: Free WordPress email template builder for everyone.

If you are in the hunt for an email builder that offers you unimaginable compatibility with different clients while allowing you to make as many changes as you like, this HTML template builder is a good option for you to consider.

It has an editable footer for the addition of the company’s legal information. Customizable colors, fonts, text or image editable headers are some of its useful features.


publicate email template

Pricing: Choose from three different pricing plans ranging from as low as $15 to as high as $99.

If building a company newsletter is your top-most priority, Publicate can offer you the convenience to do so. With this simple and easy email newsletter builder, you can create email templates that are compatible with a wide range of email clients.

Orderly Emails

orderly email template
Orderly Emails

Pricing: Free email templates builder for Shopify store.

Dozens of different emails have to be sent to your Shopify customers. This email builder tool features beautiful templates to support each of its 18 email themes. The templates are designed to support different product options and currency forms.

If you are planning to utilize your sales data for generating income, this professional email template builder has Kitcm support to help you in that regard. Pick a temple, customize and save it, and if the test emails go successful, you can purchase it for lifetime use and updates.


klaviyo email template

Pricing: Free email template builder for small and big Shopify enterprises. You can send up to 500 emails per month.

Email marketers looking for a reliable source of free HTML email templates can especially benefit from this email design templates builder. Klaviyo is designed to take away the responsibility of coding from you so that you can enjoy a worry-free, less complicated email building experience.

Moreover, the builder creates mobile-friendly emails so you can reap the most benefits from your marketing campaign.

Upsell by Email

upsell email template
Upsell by Email

Pricing: Free HTML template builder for individual Shopify owners.

Staying in touch with your store visitors and customers is made simpler by using this email HTML template builder. As a user of this free HTML email template builder, you can enjoy perks like design and theme adjustments along with instant previews.

You are going to like the responsive and easy-to-use color, text, image and link size editor for aligning these elements without any difficulty.

Unlike the commonplace HTML email templates free for designers, Upsell email templates free builder will seamlessly integrate with the structure of your store. You can also receive statistics for improving the email design for better marketing.

Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer

kadence email template

Pricing: Free email template builder featuring instant edits.

As a Shopify store owner, your biggest concern is to find an email design template which can easily adjust with your store’s plugins. From customizing the text to making quick visual edits, Kadence is one of the most favorite code-free email template builders for woocommerce owners.

You can not only create unique emails to fit your brand’s theme and preview them but also customize different elements like body text and headings before exporting the final design to any platform. If you like to leave a long-lasting impression on your leads, Kadence is a good tool to consider.

Email Frameworks

If you are new to email marketing, you are very likely to face the issues of non-responsive email template designs. No matter what type of paid or HTML email templates free of cost you are using, responsiveness is going to be an issue. In such situations, email frameworks step in as a lifesaver.

At a glance, email frameworks may look a few lines of codes. However, these few lines hold the key to improving the responsiveness of your email templates.

HTML Email Framework

html email framework
HTML Email Framework

Pre-build grip options make all the difference when you are using HTML email framework for templates.  Loaded with responsive HTML email components, this tool is exceptionally good for new users. All you need to do is pick up the code lines and adjust them in pre-built grids to create responsive HTML email templates.

Another good thing about this tool is that it supports more than 60 different email clients and has been approved by Litmus.


heml email template

Pricing: HTML HTML framework is free to use.

As an open-source markup language, HEML can offer you the convenience of creating responsive email templates in a matter of minutes. One of the most remarkable things about this framework is that it can offer you the core power of HTML language for building responsive emails. You can integrate it without any trouble.

Foundation for Emails

foundation for emails template
Foundation for Emails

Pricing: Foundation by Zurb is free to use email framework.

Foundation by Zurb is one of the most favored email frameworks for users who are seeking an Outlook compatible, highly responsive email template.

Due to its feature of providing common UI Patterns, the email framework can inculcate responsiveness in some of the most complex grids of email templates. SaaS providers can especially benefit from Foundation.


bojler email framework

Pricing: One of the best free HTML email frameworks available in the market.

For those of you who like to run email marketing campaigns on multiple email clients, the problem of responsiveness remains a big issue to address. Bojler is widely liked because of its built-in automation features ranging SasS compiler, CSS linter, and CSS inliner.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of email template designing can leverage the impressive compatibility of this email framework easily.


mjml email template

Coding is time-consuming. As an email marketer, your goal is to generate maximum leads in a short span of time. Would you rather invest your time in writing coding lines or switch to a more convenient option? We suggest you choose the latter. MJML is designed specifically to save time for users.

As expected, MJML is quite responsive and boosts the overall efficiency of your marketing emails. It even supports Outlook among other email clients. You can count on it for its unique component-based usage mode. All you need to do is pick a relevant high-level code and use it in different extensible components. It does not get any simpler than this.


cerberus email framework

Cerberus is one of the strongest contenders of HTML email frameworks. It provides you with a collection of HTML email layouts that are compatible with the email framework.

If you like to stay updated about the tasks, the coding annotation and compartments are there to help you out. Improvement in coding confidence is something that you can experience in yourself by using Cerberus.


poscards email template

Pricing: Free with limited email design templates. Price varies from $15 to $25 per month depending on the size and requirements of your business.

Postcards by Designmodo comprises of 100+ email templates that are pre-designed with an assortment of customizable options for you to build your email campaigns. All you need to do is drag-and-drop your brand’s images and relevant content on the template and customize your email campaigns accordingly.

Postcards can help you create email campaigns that are compatible with almost any device. Moreover, these HTML email templates show immense compatibility with your preferred email service provider (ESP), allowing you to secure potential B2B clients across major platforms.

The Postcards’ Demo Package which contains options for customizing your brand’s header, content, features, footer, and call-to-action buttons adequately.

You can see two options titled as ‘Ecommerce’ and ‘Transactional’ on your left, for designing your free email templates according to the requirements of your brand strategy.

Email Inspiration

Really Good Emails

really good email template
Really Good Emails

If you’re suffering from a creative block and can’t decide how to design your email templates, visit Really Good Emails, and scroll through 4,206  emails for collecting worthwhile inspiration.

Browse through categories such as the Behavioural section for learning how to deal with your customers for adequate user experience, or its Miscellaneous section that has tonnes of personalized and customized email templates for special occasions.


With every $1 spent on an astounding lead generating email marketing campaign, B2B content marketers experience an outstanding return of $38 or 3800% increase in the company’s ROI.

While there are 83% of B2B businesses that incorporate email marketing in their content marketing campaigns, there are only 40% of content marketers who believe that e-newsletters are crucial for the generation of leads.

In such a saturated and conflicting scenario, decision-making shall be done carefully. Choosing the right HTML email templates can not only help you in crunching the numbers for generating sales but also in establishing a prominent place in the online landscape.