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Kinfolk Website Design: Case Study ø2

Kinfolk — "Delving into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo."

So, you like Kinfolk website as we do? We've collected all the pages that we found on Kinfolk website and built a wonderful design story.

kinfolk website design main page
Kinfolk — Main Page

kinfolk side menu design
Kinfolk — Side Menu

about kinfolk
Kinfolk — About

kinfolk contact page design
Kinfolk — Contact

kinfolk shop page
Kinfolk — Shop

design category page
Kinfolk — Category Page

kinfolk gallery page design
Kinfolk — Gallery

kinfolk register login page
Kinfolk — Login Page

kinfolk search popup
Kinfolk — Search Popup

kinfolk terms and conditions page
Kinfolk — Terms & Conditions

kinfolk table book page
Kinfolk — Shop / By Book