Visually lossless image compression
Image Optimization

Optimage is an image optimization tool designed for Mac. It compresses images uploaded automatically and produces a high-quality image that takes up less hard-drive space.

Simple functionality

Using Optimage is as easy as it gets. Simply upload or drag and drop files, including PDF documents, to start compressing them by up to 90%. You can compress images individually or in batches. You can resize the images by selecting different options and features such as target file size or resolution. Optimage has many other useful functionalities.

Increased efficiency

Optimage increases the efficiency of websites and apps by increasing their speed because of the lighter images. This also makes storage and file sharing easier. No one likes to receive huge attachments that take up inbox space and might even drive storage costs up.

Powerful algorithms for professional result

Compressing your images will not result in decreased quality thanks to powerful algorithms. Optimage can reduce images to 8-bit indexed color or convert them to sRGB for a consistent color profile for the web.

Optimage protects your privacy

Metadata embedded with photos usually include information such as GPS location or camera make and settings. Optimage helps you get rid of that information you don’t want to share.


The free version lets users optimize 24 files per day. To optimize more files, purchase the tool for $15 and optimize an unlimited number of files.

Free 24 images/day; Buy for $15

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