Organize projects with boards & cards
Task Management

Trello is a flexible and intuitive project-planning tool that allows you and your team to stay on top of everything. It’s like an empty board on which you add detailed notes or tasks that include information, documents, or comments.

Stay organized

Trello cards are an easy way of adding tasks with a variety of information such as a title, a due date, assigned individuals, documents, etc. You can add as many cards as you want and structure them in different formats. They can be in a list if you just need to cross things off or also in a board or calendar if you want your team to see each task, but also keep track of the big picture.

No project is too small

Use Trello to create a detailed list for your family holiday, to manage a business conference, or to plan an event with many guests. The features available adapt to your needs, whatever they are. You can also connect it with other apps you use, learn great tips from the blog, or speed things up with the Butler, Trello’s automation tool.

Improve collaboration

Trello makes collaboration easy by letting you organize projects and prioritize tasks efficiently. Contributors can add comments and attachments directly in the cards to interact with colleagues or clients at any stage.


Trello offers 3 different plans. The Free plan has limited options, but is enough to manage personal or small-scale projects. The Business Class and Enterprise plans have more functionalities and robust options.

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

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