Personal License

Personal License is defined as using purchased “Items” individually and not as a part of a company, business, non-profit, or any other organization of any kind. However, Personal Use is also defined as using purchased “Items” for Commercial Work, company projects, businesses and so on, if you aren't employed by such enterprises. We define Commercial Work as any work that isn't done for Personal Use. Synonymous terms include Contracted Work and Client Work.

Business License

If you're a part of a company, organization or any other enterprise of any size you must purchase Business License. The product purchased under Business License can be used by any number of the company's employees. This license is suitable for all the corporate and commercial organizations and business entities. In case of purchasing one of our the products for your company, you must choose Business License.

Agreement Terms

By purchasing a resource (“item” or “file”) you are being granted a license to use these files for specific uses under certain conditions.

Nice, Very Nice grant the user an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to utilize the digital work (“Item”).

You are licensed to use the Item to create unlimited End Products for yourself or for your clients and the End Product may be sold, licensed, sublicensed or freely distributed.

An End Product is one of the following:

You’re allowed to:

You’re NOT allowed to:

Other license terms:

If you have any question about the license, be sure to contact us.