WordPress hosting made for creatives

Flywheel is a managed custom-hosting platform specifically designed for WordPress. It offers plenty of features that ensure a better experience for developers and web designers.

Plenty of design features

Flywheel’s offering makes creating sites easy. It has a local tool that allows users to build WordPress sites easily. Developed configurations can also be saved and reused in the future, ultimately saving time. Once sites are ready, password-protected demos can be created for clients, making collaboration easier. This testing environment is a perfect final rehearsal before going live.

Strong performance

Flywheel’s container technology is powered by Google Cloud and ensures a fast and reliable performance, regardless of traffic spikes and surges. The auto-healing technology fixes your site if in encounters an issue, resulting in optimal uptime. It also has a custom technology for cache and gives every site the best CDN to boost speed and minimize load time.

Strong security

Your site is secure with Flywheel and its solid platform. You can count on free malware cleanup if you are unlucky and get one. Flywheel also handles all WordPress updates, and allows rolling back to previous versions easily thanks to nightly backups.


Flywheel has 4 plans with a monthly fee: Tiny, Starter, Freelance, and Agency. They offer different features, including the number of sites, monthly visits, disk space, bandwidth, etc. If no plan fits your needs, the Custom plan lets you choose the options you need and is priced accordingly.

Tiny—$15/mo; Starter—$30/mo; Freelance—$115/mo; Agency—$290/mo

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