Manage projects with custom workflows
Project Management
TRY is a cloud-based work management tool that allows teams and organizations from all industries to schedule and manage projects of all sizes. The projects can use ready-made templates or be fully customized on the app for complete automation of workflows.

Start by creating a board

Projects in are created on boards which are completely customizable based on the number of tasks, the due dates, the people assigned, and a wide variety of other features that can be added, removed, and filtered seamlessly. There can also be several independent boards for the same project, which is relevant if many departments are working on different aspects of a common project.

Automate your workflows

Once the board is created, it’s possible to add different automation features to bring your project to life. You can set reminders before some tasks are due, trigger emails to colleagues to let them know they can start when a task is completed, or send messages to specialists if someone is blocked on a task. There is a wide variety of automation options available and they integrate with over 30 popular tools such as Gmail or MailChimp.

Get the big picture

In addition to managing tasks on the boards, allows you to view the big picture of your project. This can be an overview of the coming weeks, a breakdown of tasks completed, a review of the costs incurred, and plenty more statistics. Many dashboards, charts, and timelines can be generated automatically on the tool and are updated in real time.

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