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Notion is a secure online workspace that allows users to write notes down, share them with colleagues and clients, and organize them however they see fit. It centralizes work tools to save time and increase organization.

Write notes down

Many people get lost in their notes or documents, whether they keep them in printed form or in different locations on their computer. Notion is a beautiful centralized place to keep notes and documents, and find them easily whenever needed. Information can be added and dragged in over 40 types of content blocks.

Use simple organization options

Notions allows users to organize information in a single place in wikis or page hierarchy formats, or by using one of over 50 starter templates. This intuitive tool makes it easy to find information and share it with colleagues or clients.

Put your notes in different formats

The information can be displayed in a variety of ways including tables, boards, lists, Kanban boards, etc. It can also be presented as tasks, in calendar form, by status, etc. The pages are completely customizable and allow for a variety of filters to be added to all pieces of information.


Notion has a free limited plan for personal use and 3 additional plans for company use. Company plans have enhanced options including an unlimited number of users or file-size upload. All paying plans have a fee per member per month and come with a free trial.

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
Personal—$0; Personal Pro—$4/mo; Team—$8/mo

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