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60+ Bootstrap 4 Modal Templates: Little Widgets 2 Getting Big

Little Widgets
Little Widgets
Marketing Website Widgets

Today I want to share with you a few screenshots of an upcoming update of Little Widgets. In case you didn’t hear about the product yet, Little Widgets is a collection of beautiful Bootstrap forms like sign up forms, lead forms, marketing popup, modal windows, javascript alert windows.

We designed, coded, animated every widget inside this pack and it’s ready to use on your website. It perfectly fits any front-end developer who wants to save time and don’t want to code all these website popups. It’s a pretty good addition to Bootstrap components.

You know that 9 of 10 visitors leave your website without doing any action. That’s why you need to hold a prospect and turn them to your readers or subscribers.

Little Widgets will enable you to share news and product updates, subscribe new users, show web app notifications and alerts.

Everything packed in HTML, CSS, and JS.

Enough words. What about the update? In the new release, we gonna add about 30 new widgets:

bootstrap 4 modal template
html alert template
email form
contact form
coupon form
welcome mat with subscribe form
welcome mat with signup button
signup form bootstrap
bootstrap shopping cart
subscribe form
html email form
email css form
feedback form html
accept cookies message notification
html navbar
schedule demo widget

Is it enough Bootstrap modal forms for you? No? We have more for you then. 😜

purchase form html
checkout form
jquery alert
marketing widget shows that someone just bought a product
widget with a video and Youtube embed
jquery dialog
social media buttons

As you can see, in Little Widgets 2 we gonna add so many useful website widgets, popups.

We plan to release an update in a few weeks. Let’s keep in touch and wait for the news.

P.S. You can purchase Little Widgets and get the update for free.