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27 Free Under Construction And Coming Soon Website Templates

Under Construction Website Template

After purchasing a new domain name for your application or online project, paying for the hosting fee, and setting off to develop your site, would you want to lose your site visitors to your competitors because your website is under construction? No, because you will be leaving money on the table.

A coming soon or under construction website template comes as the solution. It helps to inform your customers that you’re working on something for them. In addition, most have email subscriptions, Facebook page liking, or LinkedIn follow options, ensuring you maintain and engage them when the website is complete.

Here are some of the best coming soon and under construction website templates to choose:


construct template

Developers created Construct purposely to ensure you don’t lose your online visitors when developing your site. We understand that building an under-construction page can sometimes be a daunting task because of the juggle between creating the page and developing the site.

To ensure you concentrate fully on your website development and create a stunning site, have this well-designed template to inform your site visitors that you are there, and working on improving your services for them, this makes the trust and loyalty that your customers had on your to remain.

Imagine disappearing from the internet and coming back to find all your earlier customers took off to your competitor, quite a setback, right? However, by installing Construct, you will have prevented that.

It allows you to write the title and the description of what you are working on in the center, informs your customers about the percentage of your progress, and includes a message; “we’re working hard to make this place your new home. Don’t miss our launch. Hopefully, we’ll be live in 20 days”.

Which customer wouldn’t be eager to experience your new product or service with such a text? Also, the template has an email subscription and social media integration features.


count template

If you want a classic and modern coming soon website template, choose Count. Creatives developed it and ensured the design is not only beautiful but also contains all the essential functions you need when you are developing your site, and wouldn’t want to lose your hard-earned web visitors.

Count professional design makes the template ideal for startup businesses, agencies, and other small businesses. Do you have an online portfolio under construction? You ought to try this template and see how your customers wait in awe as you regularly update them on your progress.

The cool background and the bold message inform any visitors that land on your site that something is cooking and they should wait for a certain period before you go live. Customers can also click the ‘more info’ button to find out more about what you have for them.

However, the best thing about Count is its mobile responsiveness. You will agree that most browsing has shifted from desktops to mobile. Hence, there is a need for creating mobile responsive websites and web pages. Count takes care of all that. It doesn’t matter the device that your web visitors are using.


zoon template

Zoom is a modern HTML template coming soon template designed by creatives at Styleshout. They ensured that they came up with a clean, simple, and fully responsive template to solve your website under construction needs. Also, it’s mobile-friendly to ensure your mobile browsers don’t find it a tussle browsing on your site.

The words in the center, “we are currently working on something awesome, stay tuned,” helps to make your web visitors aware that you care for them. Don’t worry about customizing the words because you can. If you want to make the words even more compelling, you can do so even without being a coding wit.

Different from other templates, Zoon has a Google Map section to ensure your customers can locate you. Besides, there’s also address, phone number, and email section to allow customers to contact you directly.

As for first-time visitors, wanting to learn about your company, give them the full information in the ‘about us’ section. Wait; there is also a timer. You will keep them informed. Imagine how your customers will feel knowing you’re working out on improving your services for them and going live in say 20 days. Great, right?


coming2live template

If you want a free coming soon website template with lots of features, choose Coming3live. You don’t have to lose your web visitors, drop in SEP rankings, or lose your email subscribers to your competitors. Installing Coming2live enables you to retail them and add more.

What will make you like this template is its demos? Choose between an animated demo, one built with jQuery Vegas plugin enhancing a slideshow background, and one that supports a video in the background to ensure you keep your web visitors grounded in your business.

All demos are highly responsive in any device, clean, modern, and easy to integrate with your social media accounts plus your collect emails. Imagine having all the ten demos in the full free package; you will try out all of them and find your preference.

You will like the demo version with a background slideshow. It’s attractive in the sense that you can add a smoky background or a bouncing ball to arrest the attention of your web visitors. Also, you can put a compelling static image in the background to make it more appealing.  


sunrise template

Developers who created this free one-page template focused primarily on its usability and customization. You will also like how the template is light to enable fast loading speeds and easy to use. With the fast loading speeds, come higher SEO rankings.

What Sunrise coming soon page does is it brings all that you need under one roof. Social media icons spread the message about your services, while email and content marketing helps to establish a strong connection with your web visitors and subscribers.

Once you have the template, you don’t need to be a programmer to set it up and customize it. Depending on whether you have an application, a restaurant custom page, an eCommerce site, or a standard website, you can customize the template to suit your needs.

Also, a variety of custom filters to choose and the transparency, give a taste to your page. You wouldn’t want a dull page, would you? That’s why you need to use this template. Besides, you can use the tutorial page to learn more about how to customize it.


nick template

Built from the latest Bootstrap framework version, Nick coming soon HTML templates are flat clean and easy to use. You will love the simple design and the image in the background, the bold counter, informing your visitors when you will go live, match well with the image.

The template has a 100% responsive layout design to ensure all user functions are available in all devices, smooth scrolling provides better user experience and higher Google rankings, and fully customizable to match your business. Would you want to change the look of the fonts and make them more attractive? The template comes with Google fonts support for that purpose.

Since we all want modern and updated website templates, Developers ensured they create Nick coming soon HTML template using the latest technologies such as CSS3, Bootstrap framework, and jQuery besides the high-quality code. The bootstrap framework enables excellent device and browser compatibility and responsive design.

Why not use this template to promote your number of social media followers, create marketing buzz and help in brand and product promotion, acquire more subscribers rather than losing your current ones, and keep your web visitors grounded through the contact form. Don’t you think it’s a great idea?

In case you would want to check if it fits your needs, watch the live demo. Otherwise, you can download Nick here


nature template

You may wonder why the developers decided to relate a web page template with nature. They may have depicted the name from the background image, which consists of serene forest and a snowing upland, enhancing the stunning look of the template, though there are unlimited images to add according to your taste.

The template is clean, fast, and multipurpose in the sense that you can easily customize it to suit your needs. Once a customer land on your site, they won’t find it a tussle to navigate through your website and sign in to your email list because the template is user-friendly.

Made using developer-friendly CSS3 and HTML5, this one-page template has a 100% responsive layout design to enhance its usability. It’s based on bootstrap 3.2.0 technology thus updated with the latest web page design and customization needs.

When we mean easy customization, it’s not the images only. Choose among the 400+ font awesome icons and custom backgrounds. What else would you need if not a clean, compelling, and stunning web page to keep your web visitors grounded?


best bootstrap template

If you want a free one-page coming soon website template that’s clean, easily customizable, with a highly-responsive layout design to boost user experience on any device, Best is your go-to template.

It hasn’t as many words as most of the templates, though you can add them if you want to make it compelling and collect new email addresses. It only has a bold statement, “Our new awesome website is coming soon,” and a visual countdown clock showing when you will go live.

The homepage might be simple, but you can add more words and alter the font to suit your needs since the template has a Google font support feature. Your customers can scroll smoothly on any device because the template is light and enhances multi-device and multi-browser support.

No business would want to lose its customers or service subscribers since it’s a daunting task to get new ones. However, how can you keep them grounded when your website is under construction? Use Best, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s simple, clean, modern, and user-friendly.


ramio template

Ramio makes it easy to maintain customers, even when your website is under construction. Do you have social media accounts for your business? You can integrate them with this template. Social media is mainly for networking and make a connection. It would be great if web visitors can land on your Facebook page or email list.

Not only does the template enables connections, but it also ensures your customers don’t land on a dull site by having up to four-color schemes. Great, right? Also, it has sixteen pre-made home variations, imagine the look.

It doesn’t matter the device your customers are using. It can be a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Ramio has a great multi-device and browser experience since it’s compatible with all devices besides a responsive design. Hence, you will not lose customers.

What makes Ramio more useful is it has three pages besides the homepage. This is effective because some companies don’t want their customers to lack helpful information about them and how to reach them. It’s part of maintaining trust and loyalty.


vinter template

Creates at Webthemez must have thought, “Let’s come up with a simple, clean, modern, and a vibrant web page template design.” Vinter has all the functions to maintain, engage, and bring in new visitors.

With the above function, isn’t that what a coming soon website web template all about? No, it should also be easy to use because it affects your search engine rankings. The more your web visitors stay on your site, the more Google feels your website is an authority in your niche and hence boosts it.

The template has also enhanced modern development frameworks since it’s built using jQuery countdown plugin and the latest bootstrap CSS3 and HTML5, ensuring it meets the needs of modern businesses. Would you want to see if the template goes well with your company before downloading it? Watch the demo.

Every modern business, whether small or large, needs a responsive web design to cater for multi-device customers. It’s essential that if you choose a coming soon website template, look for this feature. Customizability is also critical because you would want to make the template fit your business needs. Vinter has taken care of your needs.


season template

Season is a free modern coming soon web page template. Developers made sure they used the latest and updated technologies such as HTML5, bootstrap, CSS3, and jQuery-plugins to create it and ensured it solves modern business needs.

The template offers an excellent multi-device user experience depicted from the illustration on the background. Thus, it doesn’t matter the device your customers are browsing the web page will load fast. Good user experience will lead to better SEPR and maintain your customers.

Would you want your new customers to subscribe to your services when you’re not live? Season will enable that. It comes with a MailChimp integration feature to collect email addresses of new subscribers. Also, social media icons ensure customers can still text you on your business page.

In case you feel you need to test if it works well with your services, try the demo version first.


black template

The unique thing about this template is the canvas HTML animation. It makes the background modern, classic and compels your web visitors to opt into your email list by clicking the ‘submit’ button, which is powered by PHP.

It helps to know that you can engage fully with your customers even when your website is under construction when you have this coming soon web template.

You can decide to change the words, “our team has been working on something amazing. We will be back soon” or leave it since they already talk, walks, and sells. The background image can be changed, too. Don’t you like the image of a black man’s head? Add any other image of your choice from unlimited background images.

Just like other coming soon or website under construction templates, Black also has a visual countdown timer, powered by a modern and updated jQuery plugin, to inform your customers when your services will be available. Since the plugin is fully customizable and easy to use, you can set your time in the script and change the font.

Would you want to keep the trust and loyalty of your customers had on you? Try Black. It’s a simple, clean, and responsive coming soon web page.


erine template

Are you launching a new product? You need a Twitter bootstrap; Erine to inform your customers about it and make them wait in great anticipation. The template is easy to use and customize to whichever design you would want.

The bootstrap framework ensures the template is responsive and mobile-friendly. You wouldn’t like a webpage that offers users a bad experience when they browse your site on a smartphone, would you? Get Erine; it settles that.

Just like all the other coming soon website template, Erine has an opt-in email button, and social media features primarily from Gradient social icons set.

Engaging your customers on social media enables you to maintain their trust. Don’t lose visitors who land on your site. Let them like your social media pages and connect with you. Also, you will agree that it’s expensive to get new customers than to maintain the current ones.

This one-page coming soon website template, with a flat background, and a striking minimal look can be your perfect choice to inform your customers of your website under construction.


waye template

If you want a free coming soon or under construction website template that’s convenient and straightforward, take a look at Waye. It’s clean, contemporary, and has numerous options to make establishing your page easy and effective.

The numerous demos in the full package ensure you have a wide range of choices. Your business might require a certain kind of a template. With the demos, you can choose the one that matches your needs. Wait; there is more in store for you. The template comes with three columns and two different menus to ensure you have enough functions to maintain your customers.

You don’t like a dull website background, do you? Well, Waye has taken care of that by having six animated background effects, imagine that. Your web visitors will find a reason to hop into your email list if you have an impressive background and a compelling description.

To enhance your brand image, you need a logo on the homepage even if your website is under construction. Waye gives you just that; a section to upload a custom business logo. Get things rolling by installing Waye, while you focus on website, application, and product development.


advent template

Advent goes well with charities, churches, and ministries websites. Are you hosting the next big event in your church or ministry and hence taking time to develop your site? As you get the task done, let your fans know of what you’re doing by installing Advent to act as your homepage.

This free coming soon website under construction template sports a countdown timer and a large slideshow to beautify your site. It comes with several features and an outstanding layout design that’s highly responsive to any device someone is using. If your customers, fans, or members have a great user experience on your site, you will likely retain their trust and loyalty.

You do have social media accounts, don’t you? Well, Advent allows you to integrate Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to it. In that, you will keep your fans updated with what you’re doing. You don’t have to leave your fans without any sense of direction when your website is under construction.

Advent is a clean, modern, and easily customizable coming soon template to maintain your web visitors. The Google Maps section allows your visitors to know where you’re based. Besides, there’s an about us section to add your contact address as well.


blex template

Do you specialize in photography and have a photography website? While your website is under construction, don’t lose your customers who are your fast as well. Install Blex to inform them how you care for them, and that you will soon go live again.

It doesn’t mean, however, that Blex is only for people in the photography business. It can fit any business needs because it allows customization. You can even add another background image if you don’t like the current one in addition to altering the font and the layout.

All web pages need to follow modern design needs and layout. Developers had that in mind when creating Blex. They ensured the template was light for fast loading speeds and compatible with all devices and browsers. Good user experience is essential in search engine rankings and retaining customers. No one would want to subscribe to a website that doesn’t conform well when on mobile.

The numerous demos available ensure you enhance the look and style of your web page. It’s clean, simple, and easy to customize without any coding skills.

Coming Soon

coming soon 16 template
Coming Soon

Did you take time to improve your services and hence your website is under construction, or you’re launching a new site? Whichever the case, Coming Soon 16 informs your customers of what you’re doing, maintain the trust, and creates a marketing buzz, which is healthy for the brand and business growth.

The template can also help you rank if you optimize it for some keywords related to your services. Besides, if customers spend some quality time on it, the SEP rankings will improve. In case you don’t want the current design, you have a choice to customize and launch the page amazingly quick.

The template has a unique design, multiple concepts, and principal elements. You will also find out that it’s light and loads fast on any device. The background images are visually appealing, but you can add yours if you want. Also, you can add more words and a CTA button asking customers to opt into your email list since it has a contact form and MailChimp integration features. You can also set the visual timer.

The theme is ideal for businesses, product launches, and agencies taking time to improve their services for their customers.


enva template

Enva makes your coming soon project a bliss by enhancing all the beautiful features at its disposal. And since all modern templates are built using the popular Bootstrap network, developers ensured they enhanced the framework on Enva to meet all current business needs.

You’re guaranteed to edit the calendar form, about us page, subscription forms, and social links to suit your business needs. You can use Enva on any business, spanning from eCommerce sites launching new products, agencies launching new services, and application developers.

The background image is also visually appealing. Don’t let your web visitors find a dull site because it tarnishes your brand image. You can alter the background image, however, to any that you like in addition to the visual counter and the homepages.

Enva has a highly responsive design and hence fits well on any device. Isn’t that great now that most of your customers use phones? Get Enva to ease the woes of losing your visitors when your website is under construction.


jonny template

Jonny can serve two purposes; act as your coming soon website template, or as a lead generation or rather a squeeze page for your new product launch.  It announces this in both compelling words in the center of the page, and the rocket illustration plus an attractive background image.

On the right, there is a contact form, which allows web visitors to fill in and contact you. Besides, there are also social media integration features to direct your customers to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. There, you will update them on your progress.

Supposed a new visitor lands on your site, will he or she be able to find your location? Jonny made sure new customers can easily find you by including a Google map feature. There are also sections to add your contact address in case someone wants to connect with you.

The template developers had mobile users in mind. They ensured it was responsive and could load fast on any device. Jonny is useful in all kinds of businesses. Once you buy the full package, there are eleven demos to meet most business needs. It can be a hotel, a mobile app, or even a new store.


launch template

Would you want an interactive ready-to-go coming soon template that allows you to rebrand it any way you like? Launch is worth a try. This clean, visually attractive, and modern web page template has all the functions of an excellent template for your website under construction.

Developers made sure they didn’t skip any useful functions. One thing is the design. The intuitive design allowed all the texts and the web elements to fit, which means all the features will be available on any device and any browser. Isn’t it remarkable that your customers have a great experience browsing on your site?

In the center, there’s a bold coming soon message plus a visual timer on when you’ll go live; this ensures your customers know exactly when they should check-in. You can customize almost all the functions. From the bold ‘coming soon’ message to the visual timer. You don’t need to be a coding wit to get all these done.

Why not announce your next big project by utilizing Launch, it’s sure to give your customers an awesome brand image and maintain them.


stomp template

Stomp introduction words will spark your interest and curiosity. You will also like the visually appealing image and the font. A great homepage makes you unique and brands you to success.

The template is super cool and comes with four predefined demos. Guess what; the demos can allow you to tweak the appearance of your homepage until you find something appealing. Also, you can customize it; add more features, remove others. To make sure your homepage is clean and speak your brand’s message.

It’s a multi-image template. One side has a compelling description, while the other has a custom image, which you can change and upload yours. It’s flexible and clean in design, as well as a great layout. Play the live demo to check if it fits your business because it should.


lana template

Lana matches well with agencies and businesses planning to thrive, and hence, their website is under construction. It also does well for portfolios. To ensure you get it all done, every template should allow you to add most of the functions yourself. That’s what developers at Lana did; they made sure the template is easily customizable.

The template design is incredible. The layout is clean, responsive, and fits in any device. It has all the features that you will need with you; the contact button, the visual timer, and the social media integration buttons are available. Ooh wait, the buttons are placed on the left side to favor smartphone users.

Lana has several pages; they’re meant to ensure you give the necessary information about your company to anyone who lands on your site. When your website is under construction, new customers will want to know the mission and vision of your business. They shouldn’t struggle to get it.

Developers ensured this coming soon website template uses the latest web page development frameworks. Thus, Lana is light, modern, and ready to maintain and help you acquire new customers.


avenir template

Would you want a placeholder while your next big deal is in development? Choose Avenir. It’s a clean, simple, and modern coming soon template. You don’t have to use any other kind of template while you can use one that can get your customers talking. The marketing buzz around your next product, service, or application, is healthy for the growth of your brand.

The template is fully responsive, and hence, it doesn’t matter the device your customers are using, they will always find your web page appealing and stunning. Also, the numerous integrated jQuery plugins add to the responsiveness and impressive design.

Since some businesses would want to have more than one page to share information with their customers, Avenir has multiple pages and a full-screen slider. Announce to your customers when you will go live by tweaking the words “Welcome, our new site is coming soon” to something that you like since the template is easily customizable.

Integrate the template with your social media accounts and keep your customers informed. You can also collect email addresses by connecting the template with your MailChimp account and send emails to your subscribers. You will fall in love with the background image as well. However, you can tweak it if you want.


light template

With this great coming soon website template on your homepage, you will stop worrying about your new web visitors. Once they land on your site, most are compelled to join your mail list since Light outlook speaks a thousand words about your brand.

It’s light just from the name and loads fast on any device. A great user experience results in trust and loyalty from your customers. You can customize most of the elements to your taste since there are twelve colors, different styles, and images.

To sum it all, Light allows a video in the background since videos are known to compel customers and keep their trust.


skyrocket template

Is your website under construction? Use Skyrocket coming soon template to inform your visitors when you will go live. Imagine your customers searching on your site and finding errors. Would they not think that you’re out of business and left them hanging? Some will even go to your competitor.

You can avoid this by keeping them updated. Skyrocket can do the trick. Every coming soon template has its design and outlook, but here’s the catch; Skyrocket has an attractive and minimal design. The design ensures it fits any device or browser.

The template has other essential features as well; social media integration features, contact addresses, and a countdown timer. You can edit most of the details and customize the template to suit your needs.


wrapkit template

Would you want a clean coming soon template that gets it all? WrapKit should be your top of mind. It’s simple, modern, and made for all types of businesses. The features ensure you’re able to keep your web visitors informed even when you focus on developing your site.

Since most customers will want to opt into your social media accounts to connect with you, WrapKit has all that figured out. It comes with social media integration features. Wouldn’t it be great to retarget your new customers on your Facebook page or email? That’s why you need social media integration.

If you want to capture new emails from new customers even before you go live, use WrapKit. You can also customize the features to match your business.


saphir template

Saphir has all you will need when your website is under construction. It’s a clean, modern, and light coming soon template with a fantastic performance. The visual appearance of the template easily compels new web visitors to join your email list, or like your Facebook page.  

The template is optimized for every browsing device and comes in two styles; a countdown timer, and text. In addition to the styles, you have the option of choosing one suitable demo since there are ten different ones. Great, right?

Each demo has something different. It can be a Google map, an animated background, or video-enabled. You only need to choose one that goes well with your business.

Saphir developers developed it using modern technologies such as Bootstrap. Thus, it meets modern business needs plus ensuring it loads fast on any device. In case you want your web visitors to contact you, there is a section for the contact form.

You will like how Saphir maintain your customers when your website is under construction.

Over to you

It’s essential to choose the right coming soon or under construction website template that fits your business. The template should have features to obtain new customers, maintain current ones, and keep them informed of when you will go live.

While there are many coming soon templates to choose, consider those that are highly responsive, with a great design and ability to easily customize it to your taste. You shouldn’t lose your customers when your business website is under construction. Choose one of the above coming soon templates, and it will solve all that.