28 Best Instagram Post Templates For Any Brand

Instagram Stories Templates

Most Instagrammers fail to gain traction because their posts and stories don’t speak the target customer’s language. Your Instagram profile speaks millions about your business. Ensure it’s well-branded to get more followers and make sales. An Instagram post template makes the task easy for you. Here are the templates to help you.  

To get a following, create engagements, and get lots of sales on Instagram, you need well-branded content tailored to solve your audience’s needs. You can beat the competition and become an authority quickly with such kind of content.

However, how do you create stunning Instagram posts, high-quality branded content, and excellent promotions without graphic design knowledge? The catch is to use an Instagram post template.

You can save time spent on adding graphics on a post or a promotion to make them enthralling by using a ready-made template. Once you have the template, you will only need to drag and drop your content. Awesome, right?


storygram template

Are you a blogger, a creative business, or a brand with its magazine? You need to ensure your Instagram posts are compelling! Dull posts will only taint your brand image and reduce your influence on your niche.

To avoid that, use Storygram Instagram template. This epic and specially designed Instagram template enhance your brand image and increase sales; by making your profile unique and entrailing.

Not only is it ideal when launching Instagram promotions, but also the best when it comes to enhancing your Instagram stories. If your brand and target your Instagram posts and stories, your followers will like and share them.

Storygram comes with 72 unique Instagram post templates in under one pack. But the best thing is that you can customize each template in Adobe Photoshop or Sketch to suit your needs in a few clicks.

If you want to increase your brand awareness in a unique way, brand your business for success, and get more sales on Instagram, try Storygram.


marie.smth template

Do you have an aesthetic Instagram profile? You need to because it helps you to stand out and become a brand of its own. Being unique on Instagram is an effective marketing technique. If you copy other posts and use their images, you will not become an authority quickly.

That’s what designers had in mind when they created Marie.Smth. The whole bundles contain 51 adequately designed templates to cater for your Instagram needs. You only need to know a few Photoshop basics such that you can tweak your posts and make them stunning.

Once you have the template, you can drag and drop your Instagram posts content into it. If you want a well-designed, responsive, and easy to use Instagram template, Use Marie.Smth.

InstaLove Instagram Posts And Stories

instalove template

InstaLove designers had influencers and entrepreneurs in mind when developing it. They knew that your aim is not to be good on Instagram but to be good at business because of Instagram. Hence, your posts, stories, and images have to be targeted to a common goal; the end customer.

To enhance this, InstaLove is a pack of 40 customizable templates. This ensures you have the freedom of choosing one template that goes well with your brand. Not only that, each template has 20 posts and 20 stories to kick start your Instagram streamlined look.

Besides the free posts and stories, the pack has unique marble backgrounds for your posts, watercolor splashes, and hand-drawn graphics to add to the taste. These are 150 more extra files; all meant to ensure your Instagram branding journey is a success because you can customize the template and the fonts.

To get started, there are instructions in a PDF document. However, you need to have the necessary Photoshop skills; you can learn these quickly since it’s not rocket science.

The Lifestyler Social Media Pack

lifestyler template

Since consistency is essential to success on Instagram, you need to maintain a clear branded message all the time. However, it takes quite some time designing such kinds of posts on your own. The Lifestyler social media pack makes the process easy-peasy.

The template measures 1200, and 1200 PX thus works properly for Instagram. The best thing is that you have control over most of the functions. You can easily download most of the fonts from the links provided and mix-match to come up with your unique blend for your followers.

Are your followers using a smartphone? This Instagram post design template is highly responsive across most devices. This will ensure your graphics are professional in all devices. With basic Photoshop tutorials, you’re set to go. However, if you want to learn installation and procedures on how to use the template, you can find them in a PDF document.


vorma template

Vorma ensures that your Instagram profile is above average. If you’re planning to leverage Instagram for marketing, you can beat your competitors by going that extra mile of creating a stunning profile.

However, just a professional-looking profile doesn’t make the cut. Your content, too, has a lot to do with branding. Verma helps you with this.

From the name, you can decipher what it depicts; aesthetic Instagram layout. To help you do that, the template has fantastic elements and more than 100 decorative shapes besides the muted color palette. It’s also has a grid-based layout to ensure your Images fit perfectly.

The template has 55 PSD files and measures 96 DPI 1080 * 1080 Pixels. It’s neat and organized layer makes your posts professionals. Since you need to tweak the fonts sometimes, the template has free fonts. You only download them via the provided on the guide file.

Animated Playful Instagram Posts

animated playful template

Just like its name, it’s meant for fun. You see, once you create posts that resonate with your audience, they will comment on your posts, like, and tag their friends. Designers designed this template with cheeky content in mind.

The template enables you to create dynamic and arresting ads for your Instagram promotion. With such ads, your ad will most likely get more engagements and high CTR. Who wouldn’t be compelled to check out animated ads or posts? It brings more engagements than a mere photo.

However, you may think that since it’s animated, you have to animate the process. No. You only need to add your message, image, and favorite colors. Once done, the process animates itself. Isn’t it cool?

The whole pack has 20 well-designed templates, video tutorials on how to get everything done, free font, and several images from Unsplash.

Summer Discount Instagram Post Design Template V-2

summer discount template

Designers made this template with Instagram influencers in mind. With it, you can be able to add images comfortably using smart objects. The template comes ready to kick-start your Instagram journey.

All the shapes in the template are vector shaped to ensure you create arresting images to blend with compelling posts. You can edit the images, text, and color in the template to come up with excellent posts.

With basic Photoshop knowledge, you’re set to using this Instagram post template PSD. Do you want to create streamlined Instagram posts and images? Have this template to make the process easy for you.

Auburn Social Media Kit

auburn template

Auburn is a perfect template to set off towards a professional and well-branded Instagram journey, meant to increase brand awareness, create engagements with your audience, win their trust, and generate sales.

Not only can you use if for Instagram, but also have formats for Pinterest and Facebook. Palette goes in tandem with fashion imagery if you have a fashion store, still life for your daily motivation images, and fabric details.

It’s easily customizable and has images, background, and texts in different layers besides the 36x Photoshop headers. The template employs a paragraph and character style. All these are meant to ensure your Instagram posts and images are stunning and action-oriented.


fn template

FN is geared towards having a professional and well-branded Instagram presence, to get your business in front of as many people as possible. To do this, the template has several elements to use.

The full pack has 40 templates and accommodates posts measuring 1200×1200 PX. However, the best thing about this template is the animated stories. Instagram stories are more effective in announcing your next event, launch, or new promotion.

The template has organized files to ensure your posts look professional. What about the fonts? Yes, it has free fonts, which you can customize to your taste.


hazel template

Are you a fashion designer, own a fashion store, or clothing store? This Instagram template will help a great deal to promote your business. It’s also ideal for travelers and photographers.

Do you want a banner for your business? You can customize the fonts, images, and colors to fit your taste. You can save time using this template. Everything has been done for you. You will only need to add your photo, text, and upload it to your Instagram or Facebook account.

It’s compatible with Adobe Photoshop and has 20 fresh designs ready to give your Instagram an elegant touch.

Modern Instagram Post

modern template

Modern is ideal for a travel blogger or a v-blogger who wants to take his business on Instagram a notch higher. The template depicts its name and meets modern business needs.

This high-quality template ensures your Instagram posts are professional and branded. It’s 300 DPI 1080×1080 pixels and 20 in one pack; giving you a wide range of choices.

It has two free fonts to set the ball rolling and 20 posts already in the templates. Isn’t it great? With this template, you will be sure to have an elegant and clean Instagram profile.


instagold template

This template comes with over 100 hand-drawn graphics to ensure your Instagram profile looks stunning. Besides, it comes with 20 editable templates to cater for a wide range of business needs.

We understand that as an influencer, you would want to have control over what you post. Thus, the template is easily customizable. You can change the font, the color, to be in tandem with your audience needs.

The template has a unique Golf foil To add to the stylish design and elegant look. How to use instructions are in a PDF file; hence, it’s not a tussle using it. You will only need basic Photoshop knowledge to kick-start your professional Instagram look.

Animated Stylish Instagram Post

animated stylish template

Would you want a stylish and modern Instagram look? Use this template. It enables you to reach a wider audience and gain more followers by enhancing the look of your profile.

The whole pack has 32 easily customizable templates and links to free fonts in the PDF guide. Since the elements are easily customizable, you can alter their position, experiment the look, and run a preview before you upload it to Instagram. You can also modify the design and make it professional.

Once you have Photoshop CS6 or CC and you know how to use it, you’re home and dry. To arrest the attention of your followers and make the buy your offers, use this template.


malie template

The whole pack comes with 12 unique Instagram posts and stories to set the ball rolling. You will also understand how to use the template from the PDF file included in the pack.

The primary aim is to ensure you have a stunning and elegant Instagram profile. Once you keep a consistent voice on Instagram, your business will flourish as a result.

Don’t worry about customization, Malie is customizable and offers an excellent multi-device user experience, which is crucial in sales since almost 50% of online purchases are made on mobile.


sofia template

You have to brand your messages and posts on Instagram if you want to make sales. Instead of the lengthy and costly way of hiring a graphic designer, use Sofia social media kit.

Sofia is made for enchanting Instagram posts and stories that connect well with your followers. You can customize it by changing most of the smart elements, including the font. The posts measure 12000×12000 PX. Hence, Instagram ready.

Sofia ensures that you have a stylish and elegant Instagram profile.

Fashion Blogger Instagram Templates

fashion blogger template

Branding is essential for Instagram success. You need well branded, unique posts, stories, and promotions. You can save time and money looking for a developer by using the Fashion Blogger Instagram template.

To brand your posts and images, you can customize the smartest elements in the template, including colors and the font. The full pack has 12 clean, modern Photoshop templates measuring 12000×12000.

To get started, you can read the instructions in a separate PDF file as well as download the fonts from the links given in the file.


jacknjill template

Designers made Jacknjill for fashion. We know you want your Instagram fashion store to look articulate, boost your followers, reach more potential customers, and make a kill in sales, right?

You’re not limited to Instagram alone when using Jacknjill; you can use it for Twitter and Facebook as well. With each squared template measuring 4×4 and 20 in one pack, you will set the ball rolling fast.

Just like all the other templates, it’s easily customizable and designed to be responsive in most devices. Do you have Adobe Photoshop necessary skills? That’s all that’s needed for customization.

The Entrepreneur

entrepreneur template

You can depict from the name that it’s meant for great things. Would you want to carry out a brand awareness campaign on Instagram? You need to ensure it’s well branded and tailored to your audience. The way to do that? Use The Entrepreneur Instagram pack.

You don’t have to be a designer. Once you have this Instagram post layout template, it’s easy peasy to customize. You can alter the fonts, colors, and most other elements in the template. All images are pre-sized and Instagram ready.

The template ensures graphics are professional in all devices. Therefore, if your followers are using smartphones or tablets, the look remains elegant.


psd urban template

Are you an artist, blogger, or interior designer? It’s time to make your Instagram professional and speak your language. You can’t get a large following if your Instagram look isn’t professional.

Besides, you can customize most elements to suit your taste. From the font to the images, and graphics, the template is easy to customize. The full pack comes with 20 x portrait templates and 20 x squire templates besides the free Google fonts.

Want to give your Instagram a stylish look? Use this template.


studio template

Studio social media template favors fashion bloggers and influencers, who want to take Instagram marketing a notch higher. Are you on Pinterest? The template enhances three formats for Instagram stories, posts, and Pinterest.

Would you want squire, vertical, or horizontal Instagram posts, the template supports them all. You can customize most of the elements, including the fonts once you have necessary Photoshop skills (You need Adobe Photoshop CC, CS4, CS5, or CS6).

The template supports three layers. The text, the image, and the background layers can be customized separately. The template supports paragraph and character styles To add to the artistic touch.


ginkgo template

Ginkgo is excellent for enhancing the look of your profile. Want an Instagram profile that arrests attention? Ginkgo delivers it all. You will not only like its feel but also the design and responsiveness.

The whole pack has 22 clean, modern free Instagram post templates for your posts. The font? Yes, it comes with free multilingual fonts to ensure you can write your posts in different languages.

All the elements are fully editable and give you the choice of adding your creativity. The result? Unique, well branded, and anesthetic Instagram profile.

There’s a PDF tutorial to guide you when getting started. Once you have Adobe Photoshop necessary skills, you’re set to go.


mesa template

Nowadays, posts that perform well on Instagram are swipeable gallery posts. Note that you can create these posts already on Instagram, but not branded and tailored to your audience.

To ensure the posts fit well in your Instagram profile and don’t lose quality whichever the device, the template supports squire or vertical posts format. The design is responsive to all devices.

Just like other templates, this Instagram post template is easily customizable. Once you drop your content into the template, you can export them in one click.


deserts template

Would you want to take your brand to another level on Instagram? This template helps you do that. It pays a lot to invest in creating branded posts and Instagram stories. It pays even more if you can brand them in a single click.

Since you might feel it’s a tussle to begin, the template has 48 free photos to set the ball rolling. Once you buy the pack, it has 30 clean templates inside to ensure you have many choices.

You would need to alter the font sometimes to make the posts enthralling; it has 7 free fonts that come with a PDF file with instructions on how to use this Instagram Post Photoshop template.


canva template
Visit Canva

Designers created Canva for fashion brands, artists, musicians, and bloggers of any type. With such a business that needs a following, Canva aids to enhance the professional feel.

You are not limited to Instagram only. The pack comes with 20x squire templates suitable for Facebook, Twitter, as well as Pinterest since your customers are in all social media.

Layered smart objects enable easy customization of images, fonts, as well as graphics.


nalu template

Among the things that you will get free once you have Nalu are 15 banners to promote your business on Instagram. Since Instagram marketing needs well-branded and designed banners, why not use these in lieu?

Besides the banners, Nalu gives you a choice between 30 unique templates. Therefore, you can have one template for your clothing store and another for your blogging activities.

The fonts are free once you download the template. Smart objects allow you to customize the template to suit your needs; To ensure your content is tailored to your audience. Have this Instagram sponsored post template to boost your campaigns.

Chick Instagram Grid Post Template

chick template

You need to discover your niche on Instagram before you can decide to carry out Instagram marketing. If it’s the travel niche, you need a traveler’s look on your profile; the same case with a fashion designer or artist.

Chick ensures your full explore the opportunities that lie in your niche. The template comes with 24 squared fully editable Instagram posts templates and measures 12000×12000 PX.

Smart objects allow you to change the texts, the background, and the fonts in just a few clicks. You’re also provided free fonts download links together with a PDF file with instructions.

Instagram Animated Posts Minimal

insta animated posts template

The template comes with 22 clean, modern Instagram posts templates. Hence taking care of most businesses. Modern in the sense that they are developed with current business needs in mind.

In case you find it a daunting task to use the template, you can watch 22 video files with instructions. However, it should not be a nerve-wracking task to change the images because smart object layers make the job easy.

The template is customizable and responsive in most devices. Once you know how to use Adobe Photoshop CS6, you’re set to make enchanting Instagram posts using this Instagram post template photoshop.


bali template

The whole pack comes with 36 clean Instagram post template. This ensures you have a wide range of choices. Talk of customization because you can customize Bali with basic Photoshop knowledge.

Once you have the template, it comes loaded with 18 free unique Instagram posts and stories. This ensures you have something to kick-start your professional Instagram journey.

Are you a blogger, clothes store owner, or entrepreneur wanting to reach a broader audience on Instagram? Bali helps a great deal in that journey.

Over To You

To make it on Instagram, you need a professional look and feel. Your profile should speak business to attract people who can do business with you. It’s when you such a look that your brand will reach a wider audience, create leads, and make sales.

If you want branded and well-designed posts and stories, you need an Instagram post template to make the task easy. To choose a template, have a variety and consider one that fits well with your business. Choosing among the templates above can be a good start.