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Best Professional Website Mockup Templates For Business Owners

Website Template for Startups

As a retailer without a store, so is a business owner in the 21st century without an online presence. Having an online presence today is more critical than ever. This is because more and more people are looking to the internet for the same services you’re offering or the products you’re selling.

The truth is, the world has moved on from the brick and mortar business model. Everyone; buyers and sellers alike are going on the internet looking for products to satisfy their needs. As an entrepreneur looking forward to growing your business, you cannot afford to be left behind in this business revolution.

Fortunately for you, creating and maintaining an online presence is a lot easier than building a brick and mortar store. All you need is a website; a professional-looking website and you’re all set to go.

Websites are quite easy to build, maintain, and cost almost next-to-nothing. However, being simple doesn’t make them ineffective; in fact, for most entrepreneurs today, their websites are their number one source of leads.

Your business website can be found almost anywhere in the world and at any instant. As such, making it as elegant as possible is crucial. You don’t have to spend a ton to make this happen. With thousands of website mockups available on the internet, you can easily install one from the thousands of options and customize them to meet your needs.

Website mockups are templates. These website templates give you an idea of how your website will look and feel like. Of course, you won’t have to stick with the functionality or display of the mockups. Most website mockups allow 100% customization. You can rearrange the menu buttons; change their titles, images, and even fonts and font colors!

In this guide, we provide you with some of the best professional website pages mockup templates that you can download right way, customize them within a few minutes and set up your professional looking websites within a few hours.

You have nothing to worry about. Certified experts and others developed all website pages mockup templates provided in this guide by different development teams. You should note that free website mockup templates exist as well as paid ones. All mockups here are free from viruses or bugs. Better still you can check out our private collection of premium themes in our store.

All themes in our store were developed by our teams and made specifically to be responsive, this way they load quickly and pretty well on any screen. We also make sure each theme is well optimized for the search engine, this way your website gets the visibility it needs to provide your business with the right audience. Visit our theme shop now.


parrot mockup template

When it comes to website design, responsiveness is more important than looks. A responsive design automatically adjusts itself to the size of the screen viewing the website, whether it’s a mobile device or a desktop screen.

Parrot is a very responsive webpage mockup template. Its features automatically adjust itself to fit any screen, this way your website layout gets rendered correctly irrespective of the device the user is using.

The parrot website mockup is a cross niche template and can be used in almost any niche. As such, it doesn’t matter if your business is about laundry, food, or entertainment; you can conveniently make use of the Parrot mockup template and customize it to meet your needs. If however, you’re looking for niche-specific webpage mockup templates, read on as I have analyzed the top website mockup templates for various niches in this post.


foundation mockup template

Looking for an impressive landing page to wow your clients? You might want to take a look at Foundation website mockup.

Foundation is a sleek bootstrap landing template built specifically for startups and businesses. One feature of foundation which I found most interesting aside it’s responsive is the pre-made pages. Foundation comes with an already made 5 relevant pages: about us page, the main page, contact us page, terms, and privacy page as well as an extra page. This Foundation a lot more convenient to work

And yes; Foundation is 100% customizable and you can change the font size, color, images, and layout within a few minutes if you pay careful attention to the demos. Foundation is a professional landing template built by professionals for professional businesses.


lighthouse mockup template

Offering digital marketing services? Build a professional digital agency website and showcase your portfolio with the Lighthouse bootstrap website template.

As a digital marketer, your website is the first statement your potential clients will read about you. You cannot afford to let bad design or poor user interface chase your clients away. For clean web design and user-friendly interface, you might want to make use of the lighthouse bootstrap website template.

One reason why you may want to consider the Lighthouse template is numerous blocks. The template is made with thoughtful design blocks that allow you to showcase your digital marketing portfolios such as awards, previous works, and testimonials or even team members if you so desire. The template is easy to customize, and within a few minutes, you can have your professional-looking website up and running.


circles mockup template

When organizing a conference, the first thing most people become aware of the pressing need for more time.

If you’re in the middle of organizing a conference and looking for an easy way to build a simple yet functional website for your conference, you have to check out the new Circle website mockup template.

The circle was developed by our team of experts. Before this template was designed we had to analyze over 100 similar and successful websites to gain a better understanding of what works. From our analysis, we designed Circle – a simple solution for conference websites.

The circle comes with already customized, unique pages to make everything easier and less time consuming for you. These pages include; the Main Page, About, Venue, Speakers, Past Talks, and Schedule. This way, all you have to do is upload your data without the need for creating those pages from scratch.

Of course, you can also customize the elements on these pages to your taste. The template is personality friendly and can be customized down to the very fonts.


marketplace mockup template

We developed the Marketplace template especially for sellers offering one digital skill or another on the internet, especially those in popular market places such as Creative Market, Envato, UI8, etc.

Building a store on the internet has never been an easy job. You’ll need to create a thoughtful UX for your users, make animations for every page and choose the right fonts to keep your users’ eyes relax all the while ensuring that their attentions are on your products and not on one design element or the other.  

Having considered the above, our team decided to create a unique template to meet these sellers’ needs. The Marketplace website mockup makes it easier for you to showcase your products and make sales with minimal effort. For a start, the Marketplace website template comes with five predesigned and fully customizable pages.

One of my favorite features of this template is its image resolution. The marketplace makes use of the same aspect ratio for images as the creative marketplace. This way, you won’t have to crop or resize your images all over again so they can fit. Also, popular payment platforms such as Gumroad and paddle are fully compatible with Marketplace.

New Real Estate Themed Website PSD Mockup

newrealestate mockup template

Looking for a design that will compliment your real estate project? The New Real Estate Themed Website PSD Mockup is an option worth considering.

The template is quite stylish and comes with a very design.  One feature which I love the most about this template is its ability to showcase your project on an enlarged home screen. With this singular, your clients get to see your products before anything else.

Also, it offers a free website mockup and fully customizable. You may decide to change the home image (which you should by the way) by just dragging and dropping the new image. You can also customize the template fonts, font color, layout, and the UI colors to reflect your brand and personal taste.


avada mockup template

Avada is the no. 1 WordPress selling template. It is one of the most versatile templates on the platform and comes with a powerful core that allows for unlimited styling.

You can create as many sidebars and headers as you want with this template with just a single click. The widgets are numerous and cover just as many tricks as you would want to make your website professional.


newspaper mockup template

Newspaper website mockup has occupied the top position in its store for such a long time that it seems like the only options available for a news website. Of course, there are loads of News website themes out there, and we’ve added a couple of the best to this post.

While the newspaper template is a little pricey compared to other options, it is one of the most responsive website mockups featuring unlimited homepages, 404 templates, author post counts, comments, archive pages, and responsive Google AdSense.

The newspaper theme has everything and more when it comes to building a news website. While this theme is mainly used to create a professional news website, it can also be used on e-commerce stores and almost any niche. One of the most impressive features about this theme is its ability to create unlimited blocks on your homepage, all of which can be filled with your products or services and shown to the world in an impressive array of colors and beautiful fonts.


karma mockup template

Karma is a pack of functionality. It’s a box of everything you’ll need to keep your website running right from scratch till when you’re really ready to hire a developer.

Unlike other website mockups, once you get the Karma mockup, you won’t have to scour the internet looking for additional plugins and widget to give your website those extra touches users seems to appreciate. Headers, footers, sliders, and additional plugins are all packed with the Karma website mockup template. You can opt for this for your great website design mockup template.

Karma is quite responsive and available in over 7+ languages

Real Homes

real homes mockup template
Real Homes

Real Homes is a handcrafted WordPress template specially designed to be used for real estate business website.

Real home makes it easier for you to manage your properties both from the users’ point of view and from your admin dashboard. It also comes with an array of impressive features such as Google street map, advanced property search feature, Google reCAPTCHA, and many others.

Real homes is fully customizable and even allows users to compare properties as they search for them using its advanced search button which also let them set their city of preferences as well as other necessities such as floor size, year, etc. all of which can also be customized and given different functionality.


bigbang mockup template

Looking for an easy means of showcasing your portfolio on your business website for your clients all over the world? The BigBang website mockup helps you to do precisely just that.

One of the most interesting features of the BigBang is the honeycomb-like blocks. BigBangcomes with a maximum of six hexagonal shaped blocks per page that you can fill with your portfolio, team members or awards as you deem fit.

Aside from the more common features such as sidebars, impressive heading, and footers which almost every template seems to come without the box, the BigBang website template also comes with other necessary features such as Google map, team members, etc.

Academy – Learning Management Template

academy mockup template

Thinking about setting up a professional website to share knowledge online? Academy mockup theme is there to help you build the professional website you desire.

Academy is the website mockup template that makes sharing of knowledge online a whole lot easier and professional. The template provides incredible features such as extended users’ profile, question system, rating system, file attachments, tracking course progress, and other features needed for making and sharing courses online.

This theme also comes with a mighty sidebar that features various options like login, courses, blog, etc. It is fully customizable and allows users to customize their profile by uploading their avatars and other profile details.

Laundry – Dry Cleaning and Laundry WordPress Theme

laundry mockup template

One of the most impressive features of this website mockup is its beautiful layout. It features a thin selection menu at the top bar and a simple colored board on its homepage to allow for image display and marketing.

The highly customizable admin dashboard is well organized and quite impressive. There are various plugins packed with the mockup to allow for easy customization and use. For instance, the mockup comes with the favorite premium Visual Composer, a plugin that allows you to drag and drop each design element in the mockup.

It also comes with the popular Slider Revolution that allows you to highlight your exclusive contents or offers with ease.

Happy Kids – Children WordPress Theme

happy kids mockup template
Happy Kids

Happy Kids is a professional yet straightforward WordPress theme specially designed for kindergarten schools, daycare, and preschool websites.

The theme is responsive across popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and opera mini.

Developed from the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 technology, the Happy Kids WordPress theme makes use of the latest color theme, and an unlimited color scheme has also been included in the package so you can also customize the color as you like.

Alysum – Premium Prestashop AMP theme

alysum mockup template

Alysum is an excellent solution for great and small businesses looking forward to creating a professional website to showcase their products and services to the world.

For starters, this theme comes with eight different home page layout styles. This, of course, means more styles for your home page. It also features product comparison, product page builder, product reviews and ratings, Instagram integration, etc.

Out of the box, you’ll have access to premium tools such as Visual Composer, slider revolution and over 20 PSD as well as other numerous features such as product search, countdown, size guide, coming soon, daily deals, etc. all to make shopping easier for you and your clients.


cornerstone mockup template

Cornerstone was developed by Bigcommerce, the popular e-commerce store. This website mockup is especially for those looking to sell their products online.

It comes in three different styles: Cornerstone Light, Cornerstone Bold, and Cornerstone Gold. The different styles, of course, feature the same styles and layout. However, each has a different header color. The Light type has a white header, the gold, golden and the bold, a dark heading.

Go for the Cornerstone theme if you are a seller with an extensive catalog and looking forward to offering lots of discounts as this theme makes it a lot easier for you to catalog your products.

Covent Garden

covent garden mockup template
Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a highly customizable website mockup designed to drive conversions and optimized for various catalog.

Covent Garden comes with a lot of easy to customize modules as well as advanced features ranging from animation page elements to full editorial mode. It can create website mockups for commercial hubs.

Covent Garden is bound to open your eyes to a world of new possibilities for your e-commerce design as it includes four different design options out of the box, all of which are highly customizable and complex search buttons to allow your clients apply various filters.


athletic mockup template

Athletic has come a long way. This website mockup was initially developed on the Blueprint Engine for Bigcommerce and was one of the most popular themes on the platform.

Athletic is one of the most versatile e-commerce themes and the easiest to use for beginners and professionals alike.

Athletic is a responsive Bigcommerce theme with fully customizable product selector, multiple search feature, product comparison table, persistent cart button, and high-resolution images for all your products.


betheme mockup template

BeTheme is a multipurpose WP theme with lots of customization options. The header alone can be rearranged in over 20 different formats. This is a great website design mockup for you. It also features an inbuilt shortcode generator to give you code for any widget you’ll ever need.

Soho Bright

soho bright mockup template
Soho Bright

Here is another website mockup theme for your e-commerce store that you can customize and set up within a few minutes.

Soho is outstanding, especially with its use of ample white space to realize a clean topography. This sort of design is not only crucial for quick loading of your website on a web browser but also offers no distraction to your potential buyers.

Soho is available in four different formats: Soho Bright, Soho Rich, Soho Light, and Soho Classic. All the formats have the same website layouts, and design elements save the font style and header color.

Soho is highly customizable as such you can pick any of the styles and make it look like the other or even add your personal touch and make it unique for your brand.


chelsea mockup template

With more and more e-stores going up on the internet daily, it’s a lot harder to maintain visibility. But with more branding and consistency, you can easily keep your store in the mind of your clients all day long.

The truth is, even with improved technology, shopping online is still a lot stressful for most clients. Its either they can’t find the shopping cart or the website is unresponsive.

Chelsea website mockup provides an easy solution to this problem. Aside from helping you create the perfect online lookbook, its large imagery and sleek topography allow you to sell your products in style.


exhibit mockup template

Exhibit is the website mockup for businesses with small to medium size catalogs. It comes with beautiful sidebars and an impressive blog post treatment that makes the blog stand out from the main store.

Exhibit is available in four different styles: Exhibit classic, Exhibit organic, Exhibit minimal and Exhibit gold; all of which can be toned down to give your business a unique topography.

Exhibit comes with a large home front gallery on which you can display a larger size of your product with thumbnails beneath.


artemis mockup template

Artemis is a fully responsive Woocommerce template. One of the most outstanding features of Artemis is the use of white space to create a sleek background for all your products. With the white space, you’ll not need to worry about your customers’ attention been divided between your products and the store’s layout.

Artemis comes with the various features that make a good e-commerce store: coming soon, persistent cart, check out, sophisticated search button and over 100+ layered PSD files.

Artemis is a multipurpose mockup and can be tweaked to fit any niche aside from e-commerce.


shoptimizer mockup template

Shoptimizer is an e-commerce mockup template designed to help you convert all visitors to customers with its simple user interface and ability to showcase your products in high resolution.

Unlike most e-commerce themes, Shoptimizer comes with a unique call back feature that allows your users to leave their phone number or email addresses so you can reach out to them especially when they are about to leave the site.

It also features a sticky product bar that keeps the previous products in view when a buyer scrolls back or front. This way, they can easily make a comparison and then decide to go back or continue with the next button.

Deco – Interior Design Online Shop OpenCart Template

deco mockup template

Today interior decoration looks more like a photo gallery. For your website to be profitable, it must look just as elegant and sleek. With much elegance, it’ll attract the right attention and sales.

Deco provides you the much-needed help to build an elegant interior design store that will look professional and attract attention and consequently, more businesses.

Deco is a bootstrap template, which means it can scale your website automatically to fit any screen your users will be using to browse through your collection.

M.A.L.L – Clothing Store Shopify Theme

mall mockup template

There’s a reason why M.A.L.L tops the clothing store category as the best website mockup. It comes with all the features of a regular men’s or women’s clothing store website and then more. Standard e-commerce features such as persistent shopping, Instagram feed, featured products, collection list, gallery, etc. are all available in M.A.L.L, aside this the M.A.L.L template also features Google map to allow you to specify your physical store, slide show to give your customers an idea of what you have in stock without screaming it and columns for testimonials.

Suitup – Multipurpose Website Mockup

suitup mockup template

Suitup is a multipurpose website template that allows you to create a professional looking website for your business with ease.

If you’re looking forward to showcasing your products or skills, Suitup is an excellent place to start from. Suitup features a multiple listing homepage. This multiple listing page can be used to display your products if you’re into e-commerce or for displaying your awards, team members, or past clients.

It also contains already designed accessible pages such as the 404 error page, FAQs, Services, etc.

WedShop – Responsive OpenCart

wedshop mockup template

WedShop is a multipurpose website template, but if you must narrow down, then the Wedshop was explicitly designed to be hosted on wedding websites or blogs.

As a multipurpose website template, WedShop can function as an e-commerce store template as well as a blog template.

Wedshop allows you to create sections for select products, best-selling products as well as a module for the latest products in your store. It also features a beautiful shopping cart dropdown animation in the header section.

Elaxo – Fashion Woocommerce Theme

elaxo mockup template

Elaxo is the mockup template to display your impressive fashion collection. See it as your stores Instagram feed because it is.

Elaxo offers you the much-needed space to showcase as many items in your collection as possible on your homepage. The template is fully compatible with Woocommerce, WordPress, and all popular browsers.

Elaxo has video, audio, quote, gallery and sticky post support as well as a host of popular plugins to help you add as much functionality as you desire.

Wunderkind – One Page Parallax Theme

wunderkind mockup template

Simplicity and elegance is the theme of most modern website mockup template. Wunderkind embodies both features and can be used to create a simple yet elegantly looking website with easy navigation.

Because of the few elements on this template layout, your website is bound to load faster across all screens, and it is compatible with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Wunderkind has a clean, modern, and innovative design with an extremely customizable dashboard and impressive arrays of over a thousand icons to choose from as well as a collection of Google fonts.

Composer – Responsive Multipurpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

composer mockup template

Composer is a theme developed with responsiveness and elegance in mind. This is one of the most popular themes in this list of the top 52 professional website mockups for businesses.

Composer comes with some of the most popular WP plugins such as Visual Composer, Ultimate VC add-on, and numerous shortcodes to help you add as many functionality and widget as you want.

An e-commerce module has also been recently added to Composer as such the Composer can now be fully integrated with your Woocommerce store without any problem.

Fuse – Angular 8+ Material Design Admin Template

fuse mockup template

Fuse is unlike the usual website templates most of us are used to. It is not just a template but an angular template designed to function as a standalone application.

As such Fuse comes out of the box with built-in applications such as calendar app, e-commerce app, mail app, chat app, file manager, contact app, to-do app, etc. you can customize all of this as much as needed.

There are also already made authentication pages such as register, login, forgot password, lock screen, mail confirmation, 404, 500, coming pages, etc. soon.

Pofo – Creative Agency, Corporate, and Portfolio Multipurpose Template

pofo mockup template

Pofo is an excellent choice for any creative agency or corporate business. Today you don’t have to hire a developer to create a stunningly beautiful website for your Creative agency business. All you need is the right template, and you’ll have everything up and running within a few minutes.

Pofo allows you to create responsive websites with a stunning user interface and an easy to navigate layout.

DashCore – SaaS, Startup and Software Template

dashcore mockup template

If you’re looking forward to starting your own software company, a gaming website, or any other app-related company, you might want to begin your journey with DashCore.

DashCore is a lightweight, responsive, and highly customizable HTML template for showcasing your products, software solutions, and startups.

Hireo – Job Board and Freelance Services Marketplace HTML Template

hireo mockup template

Hireo is the complete solution for a job board or freelancing website. It features jobs or project listings and freelancing bidding as found on other popular freelance websites.

Each user’s dashboard is automatically generated with the latest data such as job completed, jobs available, available funds, level, messages, notifications, etc. Also, there’s a complex search button when both buyers and sellers can apply various filters to search for jobs or sellers.

Its micro interaction is quite responsive and allows buyers to contact sellers’ right from their profile without even looking for the contact seller button.

For users who might be interested in knowing the sources of their traffic, Hireo has an inbuilt Google map to help give information about this. It also automatically generates invoices for both sellers and buyers for the services they offer.

Medin – Medical Clinic HTML Template

medin mockup template

Medin is a premium website template for building professional websites for hospitals and other health related niche.

This website template is suitable for building websites for skin surgery, medical Clinic, plastic surgery center, etc.

Medin consist of three different layouts: Skin surgery, Clinic, and Dentist. This can be used to generate a website that allows clients to make an appointment as well as a table to show your team members as well as their schedule for each week.

BoldMan – Handyman Renovation Services HTML Template

boldman mockup template

Handyman is the template for building websites for all sorts of building or renovation services. Boldman is quite responsive, loads fast, and is quite attractive.

It comes packed with over 30 pre-build demos to guide you through the process of customization as well as four different headers for you to make your choice.

Trucking – Transportation and Logistics HTML Template

trucking mockup template

Trucking is an HTML template created specifically for Trucking, transporting and logistics companies to build their websites.

The template comes with a wide range of homepage layouts and features to allow for the smooth running of such businesses. Some of Trucking most outstanding features include logistics network map, vehicle fleet page, a company history page, an events page, and a driver application page.

Trucking comes with eight different header sections, 10 header sections as well as service vector icons for graphic representation.

Centum – Responsive HTML Template

centum mockup template

Centum features a very clean and minimal design that’s perfect for showcasing your work or your products in stocks as you desire.

Centum features a very intuitive front-end and is ready for use out of the box. If however, you’ll like to customize it to make it your own, you’re free to do unlimitedly. Customization can be done down to the template’s font colors.

Renovate – Construction Renovation Template

renovate mockup template

Renovate is a template created to help businesses in the construction, building, and renovation niche to help them create professional websites for their business outfits without the need of learning to code or spending thousands of dollars.

Renovate is a fast loading and responsive website mockup that you can easily customize to fit your business. It comes with cost calculator, Slider Revolution, 12-page templates, sticky menu; touch-friendly slider, Ajax contact form, and much more.

Education – College Education Master

education mockup template

Education is the website mockup solution for schools that allows for online registration and bookings.

Education features various options like course booking, all courses, course search box, apply on the front end and other options like student profile, booking course list, course, and exam timetable, login, and register, etc. on the user dashboard.

Finance Top Consulting – Consulting Finance Business

finance top mockup template
Finance Top

Finance is the website template for a finance solution website. It comes with a powerful header and footer color and a white space body design with small sized colored boxes to highlight important details and posts.

Finance comes with a PHP contact form to help your clients reach out to you with ease as well as a sticky menu for smooth scrolling.

Gentium – A Creative Digital and Marketing Agency OnePage Template

gentium mockup template

Gentium is a well-crafted modern website mockup for digital and marketing companies. This mockup template is best for SEO, digital, and content marketing agencies.

Gentium is a powerfully responsive HTML 5 template solution with six homepages with different color modes and sections; this, of course, means that you can create an almost indefinite number of homepage designs by combing the different home page mode and sections.

Bitency – Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Bootstrap 4 Responsive Template

bitency mockup template

If you’re looking for a website mockup to build a cryptocurrency business website, then Bitency is your best option out there.

Bitency is specially designed for cryptocurrency startups, ICO startups, and launching. It is very responsive and developed on bootstrap 4 for use across multiple browsers and device screens.

ChinTea – Food Products Advertising Template

chintea mockup template

ChinTea is a simple solution for building websites to advertise your food products, tea, or coffee selling company.

The template is bone bare and contains only essential features with high resolution for all your images.

Corpress – Business and Infographics Template

corpress mockup template

Dealing with bar charts, histograms, and infographics daily? Corpress provides you with an easy solution to showcase your work with minimal effort. With this template, you won’t have to worry about your graphs becoming distorted when viewed on a browser.

Corpress comes with an extensive color selection, retina icons, header options, and over 50 HTML code to assist you with your presentation.

Native Church – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

native church mockup template
Native Church

NativeChurch is a powerful template designed for churches, charity, religious, and non-profit organizations.

The template comes with a built-in event manager. With this, recurring events can be easily rescheduled. It also consists of an in-built sermon manager to allow for audio, video and pdf uploads as well as the addition of links to external resources. There is also inbuilt functionality to allow for the addition of causes and donations.

Dunamis – Modern Church Theme

dunamis mockup template

Dunamis is a modern church theme designed to help religious and charity organizations maintain a robust online presence. The template comes with lots of functionality that lets you add podcasts, blogs, and events as well as accept donations from the website.

Club Sports – Events and Sports News Theme

clubsports mockup template
Club Sports

Club sport is the number one solution for sports like football, basketball, hockey, tennis and other sport club societies.

The template allows for easy customization and gives space for sports news, team members, fixtures, and advanced blogging option.

Rosa – An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

rosa mockup template

ROSA is the bestselling website mockups for restaurants and is specially designed to help restaurant owners to shape an experience people will love and remember.

ROSA arranges its image using the parallax effect to make them look more attractive. It also features food menus instead of the traditional pdf style.

Other features include online ordering, reservations, and over 600+ Google fonts.

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